European road trips to take this summer

With freezing temperatures and inches of snow, the UK has recently experienced the so called “beast from the east”, leaving most areas of the country with blizzard like conditions. When we experience weather like this, we just want the summer months to roll around but somehow it feels like a glimpse of the sun isn’t going to appear anytime soon. Continue reading “European road trips to take this summer”

Car Accidents: Knowledge About Prevention and Consequences

Driving or riding in a car is an extremely common circumstance. From the time when your child all the way through the end of your life, do probably spend lots of time in a moving vehicle. Sometimes you’re a passenger. Other times you’ll be a driver. But the one thing that’s a constant about being in a car is the fact that accidents are always possible. That’s why you should protect yourself as much as possible by understanding prevention and consequences. Continue reading “Car Accidents: Knowledge About Prevention and Consequences”

How to have a spiritual holiday in Sri Lanka

Beautiful, exotic Sri Lanka certainly is as much of a spiritual holiday destination as it is a cultural one. The island exudes a real special ambience and it is home to endless sacred grounds, mountain peaks, holy temples, ancient forgotten cities and enchanting nature. Here’s how to have a spiritual holiday in Sri Lanka: Continue reading “How to have a spiritual holiday in Sri Lanka”

3 Reasons Vacation Needs to Become a Regular Pastime in Your Life

Nobody in their right mind says no to vacation, although there are those people that say that they don’t have the time or money to make vacation part of their regular vocabulary. Not only is this a shame on so many levels, many people who claim that they have neither time nor money could probably make it happen by simply shifting their finances around a bit and standing up for themselves and what they deserve at work. Continue reading “3 Reasons Vacation Needs to Become a Regular Pastime in Your Life”

How Long Andorran Citizens can Stay in the USA

As important as their own identity, sovereignty and autonomy is to their own citizens, independent principality nations such as Andorra and Monaco often present a very unique case when dealing with matters of immigration, global classification and even for travelling arrangements. As if just any sort of travelling isn’t enough of a nightmare of its own, travellers from these principalities such as Monegasques, Andorrans and the like often find themselves falling in between what is far from clearly defined guidelines for making travel arrangements. Depending on who you ask, Monaco could very well be classified as a region in France, while Andorra may very well be classified as either a region in Spain or in France. The significance of this comes into play quite importantly when one considers that with issues of international travel and immigration, the final decision as to whether someone should be granted the appropriate travel-clearance or not lies in the hands of one pivotal person, employed as an immigration officer, customs official, or even an ambassador. Continue reading “How Long Andorran Citizens can Stay in the USA”

4 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Vehicle for Summer Road Trips

Everyone loves a good, all-American summer road trip. For some, there is nothing that marks the warmer months more significantly than hitting the road with a few friends. Unfortunately, your road trip experience can quickly fall into a downward spiral if your vehicle is not prepared for the long drive. One way to ensure your summer experience is as free as can be is to find a new car that is road-trip ready. Continue reading “4 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Vehicle for Summer Road Trips”

Travel Like a Pro, with an Amateur Paycheck

You get one life, so live it well. Easier said than done, right? No, wrong!

What if I told you there were ways you could travel this world like you owned it, without having to make more than minimum wage? They say the more you experience, the more you value and appreciate the little things. But, while that sounds nice to the ear, what if all you could afford were the little things? Should you miss out on experiencing life? Continue reading “Travel Like a Pro, with an Amateur Paycheck”

A weekend at the horse racing: Ascot

Many people choose to attend racecourses throughout the year as many of the greatest horse racing festivals take place in Great Britain. Tens of thousands of people bear down on events such as the Aintree Grand National, Cheltenham Festival and other major meetings as they bid to beat the bookmakers and witness some of the best racehorses on the planet in action. The Royal Ascot meeting remains one of the top rated events on the sporting calendar and the greatest trainers, jockeys and owners descend on the famous racecourse to battle it out for some of racing’s greatest trophies. We take a look at just why you should visit Ascot racecourse and discuss a few of the other activities that you can enjoy in the surrounding area.


Ascot hosts many meetings throughout the year and plenty of punters choose to travel to the course on a regular race day rather than the major events. The course is beautiful and is located near to major transport lines – meaning that Ascot is accessible for those travelling via car or public transport. There are a number of excellent restaurants in the surrounding area that cater for all dietary requirements and, with specialist cuisines, it’s a perfect place to attend and check out the local nightlife after a prosperous day at the races. Furthermore, if you miss any of the races, you can keep up to date with all news and results here.

For those who are travelling long distances, there are plenty of impressive hotels that are located within walking distance of the track – meaning that race goers can enjoy a few drinks and are in no real rush to vacate the premises. Many of these establishments are spoilt with phenomenal views of the local scenery and grounds, allowing punters to relax after a day at the races. Some of the venues are even lucky enough to have a spaon their grounds and people can take advantage of these fantastic features throughout the weekend.


The venue is renowned for its beautiful location and breathtaking scenes, but it’s also very well known for its phenomenal racing – particularly at Royal Ascot. Of the 32 Group One races in Great Britain, eight of them take place at the famous meeting and it isn’t a surprise to see the greatest trainers in the sport attend the meeting on a yearly basis as they pit their wits against one another.