Car Tyres Care Tips – How to avoid tyre damage

Perhaps it would be overstating things a tad bit to say that the tyres of a car are indeed the most important aspect of that vehicle, but if you come to think about it, all the technology and power contained in a car would never be able to get used were it not for a set of tyres fitted to it! So tyres are definitely crucial in the role they play, deserving the spotlight to be shined on them with regards to their care.

Even if you don’t necessarily drive 42 kilometres in each direction every day, from a place like Basildon to your workplace in Central London perhaps, you need to be proactive in your care of the tyres your car runs on. Avoiding unnecessary wear, tear and damage in this way can save you loads of money.

Fit the correct tyres

Having your vehicle fitted with the correct set of matching tyres is one of those requirements which are taken for granted, but it’s important to do so. It’s all good and well driving around locally with a set of low-profile tyres or anything along those lines just because they make the vehicle look really cool, but they still have to fit the size of the rims properly. In a place such as Basildon temperatures can range from as cold as 3 degrees to as warm as 22 Celsius, a temperature range which can expose even the smallest of vulnerabilities in tyres that are prone to more severe and quicker damage as a result of not having the correct fit. You can Book tyres in Basildon or nearby from the Jet Wheel Tyre website.

Make sure your tyres are properly inflated

In addition to tyres that fit properly, part of your tyre care routine should encompass proper inflation. When you’re carrying heavier loads you might need to inflate them a bit more and deflate them accordingly if you’re not carrying a heavy load. Tyres which aren’t properly inflated can pose a risk to your life (overinflated) as a result of tyre rupture, or if underinflated they can cause unnecessary drag and wear faster, also consuming more fuel.

Keep your tyres clean

There’s a reason why tyres come smelling like they’re brand new when your car comes out of a power-clean at the car wash – cleaner tyres perform better and last longer. So keep them clean as you would your shoes.

Make sure your wheels are aligned properly

Wheel alignment as part of a few other structural details of your car plays a very important role in preserving and protecting your tyres, so you need to make sure that the wheels are properly aligned. You can book a wheel alignment test in Basildon or nearby by simply driving into your nearest tyre centre. Getting them aligned if there’s a need for that won’t cost you more than the equivalent of a lunch either.

Otherwise I hope that you’ll take the time to give your tyres the love they deserve. After all, they do so much for your experience of getting around in your beloved car.