Non-surgical face lift Buckinghamshire – tips for men

Feeling good, and making yourself look good, is not only reserved for women. Men are increasingly more healthy and interested in self-care. Self-care can be considered as an investment in your future self. One such way to look after your future self at this moment is by getting a non-surgical face lift in Buckinghamshire.

Unsure of what that is exactly? The following article with run you through a few things you can expect, or important things you should ask, when considering getting a non-surgical facelift. The more you know the better, right?

Why should I get a non-surgical face lift in Buckinghamshire?

Do you have a few sneaky wrinkles creeping in around the eyes? Are you looking for a procedure that does not involve actual surgery? Are you also hoping to get a procedure done that requires little to no downtime? Are you hoping to get a discreet procedure done without people being able to tell that you’ve had “work done”? Or perhaps you’re reading tons of articles on tips around facelifts.

If you find yourself nodding, or exclaiming “yes” to one or more of those questions, then a non-surgical procedure could be just right for you. For example, if you’ve got sagging skin around your jaw, or you have pesky crow’s feet/wrinkles around your eyes, a consultation with a skin clinic can help! The skin clinic team will create a unique plan for your treatment, and best of all, you won’t have to go under the knife.

This unique plan could include getting injected with fillers for example, which is fast (think 30-mins at least), requires no surgery and the recovery time is fast. 

How to find a reputable non-surgical facelift Buckinghamshire skin clinic

This is an important part of the facelift process – finding a reputable skin clinic that can complete your non-surgical facelift, but can also answer your questions in a manner that leaves you more knowledgeable. So how do you find a skin clinic and how do you look into examples of their work?

Firstly, look around your area or on the internet. You can search for: “non-surgical facelift Buckinghamshire” and have a look at the places that appear. Then check out the clinic’s website, their patient reviews and the gallery that shows before and after images.

Secondly, look at the skin clinic’s non-surgical facelift Buckinghamshire reviews on TrustPilot and on social media. Try and find examples of men who’ve been with the clinic and see if they’ve had a similar procedure to what you’re considering.

Lastly, contact the clinic and organise a consultation with them to see if you feel comfortable with the team. During your consultation, ask the team to run you through the procedure from start to finish. Also, ask them about the qualifications or if they have certifications. Also, find out if the team continually trains with the latest technology and the latest updates around non-surgical facelifts.

Whatever your choice of clinic, make sure to research the place thoroughly. It begins with a search on the internet as simple as: “non-surgical face lift Buckinghamshire”!

What are emergency dental appointments, and why might I require an emergency dental appointment at my local dentist in Mackay?

If you are an individual who requires an emergency dental appointment then you may be suffering from a minor pain within your mouth that you wish to have resolved quickly. One example of an individual who may choose to undergo an emergency appointment may be one who has lost or chipped a tooth within the mouth, and requires a temporary fixture to improve the appearance of their smile. Individuals may not just require an emergency dentist appointment because of a tooth, it may be an injury on the lip, or gums, which requires immediate care.

How do I go about receiving an emergency dental appointment at my local dentist in Mackay?

If you think you may require an emergency dental appointment, you may be experiencing a severe amount of pain that may be more suited to a visit to the accident and emergency department at your local hospital (rather than a visit to your local dentist in Mackay). If you think you’re experiencing an abnormally high level of pain, then your local hospital may be more appropriate.

Also, if you are experiencing an abnormal amount of blood loss from the mouth, or have injuries to the face and mouth, then you may require a visit to accident and emergency.

What if I’m unsure about whether I need an emergency dental appointment?

If you are unaware of whether your injuries require an emergency dental appointment or a visit to the accident and emergency department, you can call 111 to distinguish whether an emergency appointment is required.

How do I book an emergency dental appointment at my local dental clinic?

If you wish to book an emergency dental appointment you can directly call your local dental surgery to book an appointment. If you require an appointment that is out of hours, then your dentist’s answerphone may direct you on what to do. You can also call 111 to find an out of hours hospital near you. If in doubt, you can take painkillers, and 111 can advise you on what to do.

How much do emergency dentists costs?

Individuals may suffer from anxiety when thinking about the financial cost of an emergency dentist, however emergency dentists may not cost as much as you may think. An emergency dental appointment will cost around £22 (under the national health service). However, if your dental altractation requires further dental appointments, this will be considered as another appointment, and will require further charges.

What can I expect from an emergency dentist appointment?

It is hard to specify what an individual can expect from an emergency dentist as every individual’s dental case is different. As a general rule, your local dental healthcare professional may give you pain relief (a form of anaesthetic) if you are experiencing discomfort, as well as an overall assessment of the area. If you have lost a tooth or have chipped a tooth, you may be administered a temporary option, especially if you have a special event coming up (for example).

Chipped a tooth? Dental issues that require an emergency appointment

Do you suspect your leg is broken? If you do, you know to go to the nearest hospital for an emergency X-ray. Is your dog coughing a lot and being sick? Call the emergency vet!

Have you woken up and noticed one of your fillings has fallen out? No big deal, I will leave it until my next check-up.

Oh dear.

Unfortunately, many people are aware of what constitutes a trip to the emergency room for themselves and even their pets, but when it comes to assessing the need for a same day check-up with a dentist, many people fall short of the mark. This, unfortunately, rarely ends well and can cause further damage or discomfort that could have been avoided.

If you wake up one morning and you notice a lost filling, you need to call an emergency dentist for a same day appointment. Many dental surgeries, like Spa Dental Sydney CBD, are able to offer same day appointments for emergency patients, to resolve the issue and prevent further damage.

So what else constitutes booking an emergency dental appointment?

Unrelenting discomfort

You know it is time to book when that pain in your mouth is too much to bear.

If you are experiencing a throbbing, burning or sharp pain under one of your teeth, you need to book an emergency appointment. Given the urgency of this particular dental presentation, many dental surgeries, will be able to offer you a same day appointment, or will refer you to another dental surgery who may be able to help you.

Chipped, cracked or broken tooth

A chipped tooth is a common occurrence in children or those who play contact sports like rugby, but just because they are common, does not mean they aren’t an emergency.

If you notice your tooth is cracked, chipped or partly broken, then you need a same day dental appointment, even if there is no discomfort.

Delays in getting a cracked tooth fixed can lead to decay or allow bacteria to attack the pulp of the tooth, which can cause a very unpleasant infection.

Sudden swelling

Found a strange lump in your mouth? Don’t panic!

Most lumps that occur in the mouth are benign but, just to be on the safe side, it is worth visiting your dentist for an emergency examination of the area.

If the lump appeared suddenly and is sore to touch, then you likely have either an abscess or an ulcer. If your dentist is concerned about something more sinister, like oral cancer, then they can refer you for treatment with a specialist.

Broken or damaged brace

As strange as it sounds, if you are wearing a fitted orthodontic brace and you notice that a bracket is loose, or that the wire is broken, you need to see a dentist as soon as possible for a temporary repair.

This is to prevent your teeth, which are already being moved around by the brace, from becoming looser and potentially falling out.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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