Dental whitening FAQs answered

Do you want to have your teeth whitened, but have some questions about the process before booking your appointment? Here, some key questions asked by patients looking to undergo teeth whitening MacLeod are answered, so read on to learn more.  Are there different types of dental whitening? Yes, there are and when it comes to […]

The sensitivity tooth trap!

There are so many things available to relieve the symptoms of sensitive teeth. Or maybe you have friends and family who regularly mention sensitivity when eating meals or ice cream. Unfortunately, many people normalise this discomfort. Which they should not do. Sensitivity can be easy to ignore for many people. Especially if people around you […]

The history of oral implants

Dental clinics offering fixed prosthetics like Sheen dental implants Richmond have become commonplace on the high street. The procedure itself is becoming more common and is seen as part of standard dentistry. Implants haven’t always been like this, although the concept of replacing teeth has clearly been active in people’s minds from the earliest times.  […]

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

Tooth loss can be hard on a person, and coming to terms with having to find some type of replacement system can be a real struggle. However, that’s very fair enough. No one should have to feel self-conscious or uncomfortable in their skin, especially when there are ways of fixing the main issues.  Dental implants […]

The need to visit a dentist in Chiswick

Most people understand the need to pay attention to their oral health and hygiene by brushing and flossing as recommended by all dental professionals. There is more information available than ever before that will show that cleaning the teeth is something that everyone can benefit from, as it helps improve oral health and limits the […]

Cosmetic dental treatment at your dentist

There are many factors which may affect the way you feel about your smile. Cosmetic dental treatment has advanced significantly over the last few decades to meet patient demands. More people than ever before are now addressing the aesthetic appearance of their teeth using cosmetic dental treatments and procedures that are discreet, convenient and affordable, […]

Porcelain laminates: a guide

Are you looking for a solution that will remove staining from your teeth whilst also concealing cracks, chips, and gaps? Look no further than the ever-versatile porcelain laminate. Originally a cosmetic procedure, laminates offer a wide range of benefits in dental care that extend far beyond the aesthetic. Here, you will be introduced to porcelain […]