Turning Your Pet into an Instapet

Back when he was growing up my husband’s parents got a couple of very good guard dogs which the rest of us were seriously scared of, so I guess that’s one of the reasons why he refers to the miniature, fluffy poodle I want to get as something which is “less than a dog.” He always jokes that his name for “it” will be “Rat,” because that’s what he would see it as – nothing that can be referred to as a real dog, because real dogs are meant to serve a purpose such as protecting the house, aren’t they? Continue reading “Turning Your Pet into an Instapet”

4 Qualities You Should Have As a Police Officer

A job in law enforcement calls for interacting with a wide variety of people in a variety of situations at any moment.  More often than not, police officers aren’t warmly welcomed in situations because they may not like being told what to do, or may have experienced police misconduct.  Unfortunately, the primary responsibility of a cop isn’t to make friends, but to enforce the law.

Continue reading “4 Qualities You Should Have As a Police Officer”