A digital marketing campaign that works

Digital marketers are experts in their field. They have knowledge and experience which enables them to forecast marketing trends and to meet the expectations of both the people who are coming to a website and expecting certain content, as well as Google ranking algorithms which determine who actually visits the site.

It can be a delicate balance between the two of them, however Google is constantly evolving and improving to be more in line with the reader’s experience. This doesn’t make the more than 200 factors that make up Google’s ranking any easier to fulfil however.

As much as a digital marketer knows all of this and how to achieve the results that their clients are looking for, they don’t know much about teeth and the fine skills that are needed to perform restorations or extractions. Nobody would expect a digital marketer to perform an oral health examination and therefore, it shouldn’t be expected of a dentist to understand the ins and outs of digital marketing.

Unfortunately, for many, this is a reality and as a result, a dental practice as a business can suffer. If a dentist is not willing to put an investment into their business, then it is a reality that they will not see the returns that they might otherwise.

There isn’t really enough time in the day for a professional to both manage their marketing strategy effectively as well as run a dental practice. Social media should be consistently updated, and a website needs to be full of links and active with a professional blog that is both rich in content and backlinks for it to have the impact that it should have.

Thankfully, such an investment comes at a price of less than a cappuccino a day and this can provide a dental practice with an active and compliant website and dental SEO, which can bring them to the forefront of Google searches and as a result, create shockwaves of positive change to their business.

What should a website include?

Although it is great to have a bespoke website, there are a few key elements that have been proven to be effective and therefore should be a staple in every dental practice’s website, so that readers can gather the information that they seek quickly.

A contact form is critical, as is information on the people who are in the practice, as well as on the premises itself. Some dental websites have found that a virtual tour of their practice has been received extremely well, especially those that have gone above and beyond to create a modern and welcoming atmosphere designed to encourage people who don’t like the dentist to give it another try.

Another way to bridge the gap between potential patients and dentists which results in more phone calls and subsequent bookings is by being clear and transparent with both prices and testimonials. This gives a patient more control over what it is they are to expect which can eliminate that fear that would otherwise hold them back.

The right marketing strategy ensures that more people discover a website and are so impressed by what they see that they make that connection, allowing the dentist to do what they do best.

How can my sexual offence solicitor help?

When you are wrongly accused of a sex-related crime such as rape or sexual assault, this can be damaging and completely change your life. This is why it is important to seek help from a sexual offence solicitor as soon as possible to start building your defence.

Different types of crime they help with

There are a few different types of sexual offence, all being very traumatic for the victim, meaning the accusations made against you will be taken extremely seriously. This is very scary when you have been wrongly accused as you can end up in prison if you are charged.

If you have been wrongly accused of raping someone, this can be extremely damaging to you and your mental health. These cases are taken extremely seriously as it can completely change who the victim is and cause many different types of mental health problems for the rest of their life. This means that you must make sure you have a solid defence and get as much evidence as possible to counteract the allegations made. If you do not win the trial, you could face from 4-15 years in prison, maybe even life for something you didn’t do.

Your sexual offence solicitor can also help you if you have been wrongly accused of sexual abuse of a child. This is an extremely serious allegation and will be taken very seriously, and can be permanently damaging to your life if you are wrongly accused of this crime. Even if you are acquitted, it may still change people’s perceptions of you which can have a massive effect on you. If you are found guilty of this crime, which can happen even if you are innocent, you can get up to 14 years in prison, which can turn your life upside down, taking your wellbeing with it.

How your solicitor will help

If you are ever wrongly accused of a crime, your sexual offence solicitor will be here to help you every step of the way. From your arrest to your court trial, they will be there by your side defending you.

When/if you are in a police station after being arrested for these types of crimes, this is when their help can begin. It really helps to have someone who has professional knowledge of the law and what rights you have. Solicitors can give you advice in the police station as well as represent you when speaking to the police. This can help you to have some stability and support when going through this, you may be scared by being wrongly accused, so this helps.

After you have been to the police station, this is when they will really start building your defence. They can get access to all of the evidence (if any) that has been presented and challenge it the best way possible. They can also try and help you to find any evidence that may counteract the allegations to further help your defence.

If/when you have to go to court and face a judge and jury, your solicitor can help you through this as well. They can help to represent you and show your defence to everyone in court to hopefully sway them to see the real truth of you being wrongly accused.

Want your surgeries site to bring in more patients? Tips for developing your dental website

It can be a bit of a puzzle when trying to build a successful website for your surgery and also see to the needs of patients.

Luckily, for your dental surgeries website to be successful, you won’t have to dedicate 2 hours at the end of each shift to updating content! Hiring a marketing team is now the accepted way to get your surgeries site to be successful and with the invaluable input of yourself and your team, your site can easily become the most valuable part of your surgery staying successful.

And when it comes to choosing a marketing team to help you do that, it is best to invest in a team with expertise in dental websites. As they will know what makes or breaks dental websites, they can build yours to be engaging and exciting, setting it apart from the crowd and building your brand name with thousands of dental patients. Fantastic!

But how else can a marketing team develop your website? Read on to find out!


When you hire a team to oversee your surgeries website, they will conduct an initial analysis. This will allow them to assess the design of your site, areas that need improvement and other areas such as loading time and mobile access.

This will help them to build your website based on user experience, putting your surgery in direct competition with other surgeries and their dental websites.

Develop it for SEO

Search engine optimization is key to having a successful website, especially when you are seeking to turn website visitors into real-life patients!

To get your website SEO ready, your marketing team will typically create a weekly blog full of original content, work on compressing the loading time of your home page and make your site accessible with mobile phones.

Of course, these are just the bare bones of SEO, but it is an important step in website development.


Following on from initial SEO, your marketing company will look to create articles or blog pieces which have links to your website. This will once again boost your websites ranking in Google searches as it will allow your site to appear more trustworthy.

Divided into onsite articles (ones which appear on your surgeries site), and offsite articles (those which do not but link back to your website), these blog pieces can build a web of connections, which will make your site easier to find by those all-important Google bots!

Social media

Article links are great but the real money (so to speak) is in linking a social media page to your homepage.

Thousands of people use social media each hour and so, by building an associated page for your surgery on social media, this is an easy but game-changing way to develop your surgeries website and your patient list. And of course, a social media presence will help with targeted advertising on a separate platform from Google, casting a wider net and attracting more people to your website. Fantastic!


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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