6 Tips For Organizing a Vacation On a Tight Budget

Why should people with six-figure salaries have all the fun?  Traveling the world and experiencing the wonders of different cultures doesn’t require being rich.  It’s merely a matter of knowing how to manage your money.

By applying the right strategies and planning ahead, you can have an incredible vacation for a fraction of the price.  Here are some of the best tips for organizing a trip on a tight budget.

Choose The Location Carefully

Some places are trickier to experience on a tight budget.  It’s ideal to choose a location which is known for being affordable.  Try to research the cost of living in the places you’re considering traveling to.  By having an idea of what the total costs are for food and other living expenses, you’ll know how far you’ll be able to stretch your dime.

Be sure to factor in whether the American dollar is stronger or weaker than the local currency.  It can be a rude awakening to arrive and realize that your money is only worth half its value.

Travel Off Season

One of the best ways to find a good deal on travel is to go when no one else is there.  Perhaps the weather may not be ideal as it is during high season, or you may not have as many activities to choose from, however, if money is a concern, it’s worth the savings!

You can still enjoy plenty of wonderful activities during the offseason.  Some travelers prefer it since you can have a more authentic experience. There are fewer tourists to deal with, and more opportunities to interact with locals.

Look At Various Accommodation Options

Depending on where you are, the best places to stay can vary.  In some locations, your best value will be in a hostel, while in other places you may find hotels cheaper.  You may want to look into Airbnb options and couch surfing as well.  

By remaining open-minded yet smart, you’ll find the best possible option for your particular destination.

Pack Sensibly

Why bother with extra baggage fees?  Only pack the bare minimum for your trip.  Not only will you avoid unexpected airline costs, but you’ll thank yourself for having less to haul around!

Book Your Flights Way In Advance

As they say, the early bird gets the worm.  Book your tickets as early in advance as possible.  The earlier you buy your tickets, the better of a deal you’ll get.  The closer you get to your intended departure day, the higher prices climb. It’s that simple!

Use Public Transportation

Paying for Ubers and taxis adds up quickly.  Instead, take a look at the public transportation map.  Don’t be intimidated! Usually, it’s much simpler than you think.  Do some research ahead of time to figure out where the stops are and how much a ticket costs.