Hello and welcome Two Lives One Lifestyle.

We are Tony and Charlene, a couple from Cheadle in Manchester who have a love of life!

We grew up together (literally on the same street) and have been a couple since the age of 16, which is an impressive 15 years. from holidays to getting married, we’ve done it all and want to share our love for each other with our readers.

We live a pretty normal life and like to consider ourselves a pretty standard couple who enjoy all the things you probably do.

Tony is an IT consultant for a big retail company and Charlene is a physiotherapist who works at the local hospital, specialising in sports injury.

Growing up in Sheffield together before becoming a couple really allowed us to get to know each other in a relaxed and natural environment. We attended the same school, mixed in the same kind of circles and our parents were good friends.

It was only during secondary school that we really hit it off and started to spend more time together, heading to the cinema, going bowling and taking the long walk home after school because we wanted to chat.

After about a year of declaring to everyone we were just friends, we finally got together and as they say, the rest is history. We haven’t left each other’s side since and even attended the same university for three years.

we decided to move away from our hometown after university as there just wasn’t the same opportunity as there was in Manchester. We wanted better jobs, better pay and a better quality of life where we could go out, have plenty to do and just enjoy our youth for as long as possible.

On Two Lives One Lifestyle you’ll be able to find all kinds of posts from our experiences to holiday tips, house tricks and of course, our plans for the wedding!

Our content will be a complete mix so never be surprised about what you find on here and of course, we’d love to hear your stories, tips and opinions on what we’re up to.

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