How Long Andorran Citizens can Stay in the USA

As important as their own identity, sovereignty and autonomy is to their own citizens, independent principality nations such as Andorra and Monaco often present a very unique case when dealing with matters of immigration, global classification and even for travelling arrangements. As if just any sort of travelling isn’t enough of a nightmare of its […]

How Athletes Move On After Suffering the Effects of Using Performance Enhancers

I’m by no means advocating any sort of banned substance use through this post, but I reckon it’s worth taking a look into the world of post-performance-enhancement use in professional athletes, particularly with regard to bodybuilders who notoriously turn towards taking anabolic steroids to beef up quickly and quite intensively.

5 Easy Ways To Escape Boredom

With so many things to do in the world, it’s amazing that anyone who isn’t just in basic survival mode is ever bored, but it’s sure that case where there are times when you’re going to say to yourself – ‘I wish there was something to do!’