Tips For Creating A Wardrobe That Makes You Happy

Your wellness is about more than just your health. It’s also about your mindset, and there are certain things that can really help you get in the right frame of mind each and every day. One of those things is feeling good about yourself, and amazingly, your wardrobe can have a decent affect on how you feel about ‘you’ each and every day. Continue reading “Tips For Creating A Wardrobe That Makes You Happy”

Otters – A Good Measure of How Safe Our Water Is

Zoology students from the University of Hull undertook a two year study, aided by state-of-the-art technology and DNA analysis and the study revealed the presence of three wild otters living at Tophill Low Nature Reserve. That’s definitely something to be excited about because a thriving population of otters, no matter how small it may be is a good measure of how safe our water is. Continue reading “Otters – A Good Measure of How Safe Our Water Is”

Mapping Your Home To Your Cultural Roots

Your home is your castle. And it can represent an incredible amount about you. So not only do you have to consider the practical and logical aspects of living and moving through your daily life experiences, you have to consider what your home says, stylistically, about your character, history, and even viewpoints on life. Continue reading “Mapping Your Home To Your Cultural Roots”