Why it’s Not Good to Smoke Weed When You’re Sick

Let’s suppose that one of your favorite recreational activities is smoking weed. It is being legalized in several states and it looks like we may be on a national movement toward total legalization at some point. Regardless of your reasons for smoking weed, it is probably not such a good idea when you are sick with a cold or a flu. These are upper respiratory ailments and smoke can greatly irritate certain conditions.

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Problems with a Chest Cold

When you have a chest cold, the cells in your bronchial tubes and your lungs are highly inflamed, producing a great deal of mucus and heightening the irritation in your lungs. Therefore, smoking week when you have a chest cold might not be such a good idea. If you absolutely have to, you can try to use a bong and fill it with warm water. Take gentle hits and the steam should soften the smoke for you. On the better side, using a vaporizer will remove most of the irritating carcinogens and give you a strong, less irritating vapor hit.

Serious Nasal Congestion

One of the most dreaded symptoms of a cold is a stuff and runny nose. Once again, the tissues up there are highly irritated. When you smoke weed, it does raise your heart rate a bit. This can cause an increase in sinus pressure, making the congestion worse. On the other hand, some people find that one or two good hits tends to clear their sinuses. Still, for chances of better recovery, it is probably best to avoid it if at all possible.

Throat Soreness

A sore throat is one of the deeper signs of a serious respiratory condition. Sinus pressure has built up so much it is pressing on the nerves at the back of the throat and infection is spreading into the lungs. Smoking weed at this time is a big NO. The reason for this is, even with a good vaporizer, you are still getting a lot of irritants from what you are smoking. It will increase the throat irritation, resulting in more mucus draining into the lungs. This means a slower recovery.

Headaches and Insomnia

This may be the one exception to the rule. When you are sick, it is important to get good sleep so you can recover faster. The smoking will still cause some irritation, but you are going to keep it minimal and try to use a vaporizer or the warm water bong technique. Just be sure to minimize irritation as much as possible by taking smaller, slower hits. There are some non-smoking cannabis methods that you should consider.

Alternatives to Smoking Weed

The use of the hemp extract CBD can be taken in oral form and improves immunity while relieving inflammation. There is no need to smoke it, so it will not hurt your lungs. Visit Americanhempoil.net and find out more about it. CBD oil can be a great alternative to smoking. Also, you can consider weed edibles. There are a variety of edibles you can make with recipes online.

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