How To Wrap A Gift – DIY Tips

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Wrapping a gift is helps to bring up the element of surprise for the one receiving the gift. Wrapping a gift always adds a beautiful and impressive personal touch to the art of gift-giving. The art of wrapping a gift tells how much you love them, for great gifts and wrapping ideas visit sites like

Adding a gift wrap indeed creates an impressive attitude towards the recipient. This discovery was made when the attitudes of the recipients of an unwrapped gift were studied. The study showed a clear difference between the emotions of the two recipients– one who received a beautifully wrapped gift and one who did not. That said, you may buy a heartfelt present, something like a graduation cap and gown from this page. But if you do not make it presentable by wrapping it properly while giving it, you might fail to create an impression on the recipient.

What most people find difficult to do is how to make a gorgeous gift wrap happen. You can visit the Sample house where you will get professional experts in gift-wrapping.

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After purchasing your gift for either your friend or loved one, taking the extra step to wrap a gift is very simple as visiting the gift-wrap professionals at SampleHouse. For example, adding icing sugar on a cake baked with lots of love will make the presentation to be spectacular and attractive.

In the world of today, nobody expects you to follow the gift-wrapping traditions, but you can pick up a few hints from some of the gift-wrappers that are skilled in the same. They will show you how to wrap a gift step-by-step hence making the recipient to appreciate the presentation just as much as what is underneath the wrap.

How To Wrap A Gift: Step-By-Step Guide

If you are stressed out by the idea of gift wrapping worry no more as you can use the guide below to create a package that you will be very proud of giving.

  • Make sure you get rid of all the price tags. There’s nothing more annoying than investing your careful efforts into a gift only to realize you forgot to take the price sticker off.
  • Ensure you have enough work space then roll out the paper that you will use for wrapping. Measure the paper to ensure it is enough to fit around the entire gift leaving a few extra inches to be sure that the gift is completely covered. Cut the paper to the right size using a pair of scissors and place your gift upside down in the middle of the paper. Put the gift in a box, if it isn’t in one already. This step makes the gift easier to wrap.
  • Bring the paper from the long side of the box, up to the very middle of your package. Pull both sides of the paper tightly, so the paper hugs your package smoothly, and tape closed. Close the ends and face the open end towards you.
  • Fold the top flap down to the box, pulling tightly, and tape. Fold the paper on the bottom flap up tightly and tape. Repeat on another side of the package. Position box in such a position that the top is facing up. Run your thumb and forefinger across the edges of the box to create a creased edge. Repeat on bottom of the box.
  • You can add a long ribbon which will go around the gift in the pattern that you decide. If you are the kind of people looking for a classic look, a cross on top and bottom will do the trick.
  • Lastly, add a card that you have the name of the recipient and the sender. If you are by chance a good calligrapher, you can make a beautiful personal touch and if not you could either type or write it neatly. After you are through with the steps, you can now deliver the package to the intended recipient.