Four Home Types To Consider When You’re House Hunting

House hunting is not an easy thing to do, even picking a place to rent can be a pain. You have to find a place in the right area, it needs to be the right size, and you need to find a place for the right price as well. When buying you need to be able to get a loan, and when renting you still need to have decent credit in order to get a landlord to trust you.

Even renters can have a home that looks more like a home than an apartment. You can rent houses and townhouses. Whether you’re renting or buying, here are some home types for you to consider and what they have to offer.

Mobile Homes

Consider buying or renting a mobile home if you can’t afford to buy a normal house, or rent one. Mobile homes offer all the same amenities of home ownership or rental. It’s your own space, you have a yard, and you can call it home.

One thing some people don’t like about mobile homes are that they are located in trailer parks with houses close to one another, but they aren’t any closer than those in the heart of any city. Another downfall is that they are often the first to get ravaged by bad storms, including those with tornados. However, that doesn’t happen often, and can still happen no matter where you live if you live in an area prone to such storms.

Single Family Homes

If you prefer a more traditional home then you can look for a single-family house to buy or rent. Rental and purchase prices will vary depending on the area you’re looking to live in. In some areas, right now, the housing market is exploding and homes are going off the market before they even get on the market. If you are currently living in Paramount, Idaho, you could look at realty options like Statement Premier Real Estate and similar others for affordable options suited to your needs.

When you purchase a home, of any kind, you need to remember that you are responsible for all of the repairs. When renting, it’s your landlord’s responsibility to deal with repairs.


If you’re not the gardening and lawn mowing type, and you don’t throw backyard parties, and you want a home in a great location (maybe on a lake or in the heart of the city), a condo may be the type of home that you are looking for. It’s a home you own, but without the hassle of painting the garage, replacing the roof, or mowing the grass.

Townhouses And Duplexes

If you are stuck renting, maybe due to bad credit or not having money for a down payment, but you want something that looks more like a house, without home rental prices, a townhouse may be a great option. That or a duplex rental will be great options for you.

Renting a townhouse will save you yardwork, but if you like gardening and the outdoors a duplex rental may allow you some yard space for barbecuing and more.