Holidays for Formula One fans

The 2015 British Grand Prix has just closed its doors on another action packed event. The elated winner, one Lewis Hamilton, is surely thanking his lucky stars after a very rough start to the final race. Whilst the thirty-year-old champ battled a restart, heavy rain, and a host of early setbacks, he eventually emerged to take the title at the legendary Silverstone racetrack.


He is not the only one with a smile on his face either, because the thousands of diehard Formula One fans in attendance were treated to a real show as well. It is likely that many of them will now be looking to the Barcelona Grand Prix for their next bout of high-speed thrills and spills. The question is, could you be one of them this year?

For true Formula One enthusiasts, there is nothing quite like the prospect of getting to see a Grand Prix race in the flesh, so it makes sense that so many Formula One tour operators have opened their doors over the last decade. Yet, this kind of ‘specialist’ help can come with a pretty hefty price tag, and the bottom line is that you simply do not need it.

This guide to booking a Grand Prix holiday will help you work out where to go, what to see, and how to make sure that your trip does not break the bank.

Should I choose an F1 event here or overseas?

The answer to this question will obviously depend on how much cash you are happy to spend. Whilst the real high rollers can afford to splash out on a trip to the US or Canada in a heartbeat, you might want to stick to something a little more economical if you are on a budget. This does not mean that events like the Barcelona Grand Prix are unfeasible, however, because trips to central Europe can be extremely cost efficient these days if you take the time to plan and book them carefully.

Will recent events impact my F1 holiday?

There has been an awful lot of controversy surrounding Formula One and the FIA over the last twelve months, but it is highly unlikely to have an impact on the near future of the sport. According to Max Mosley, who has been at the centre of one of these storms, the FIA is facing meltdown if it does not impose regulations on the amount of money that bigger teams are allowed to spend. In fact, Max Mosley warns of F1 collapse if financial balance is not implemented. However, even if the sport does run into trouble in the future, the next few years of Grand Prix racing are unlikely to be affected.

Should I take a trip JUST for a Grand Prix race?

If possible, you are advised to combine your Grand Prix trip with a regular sightseeing holiday so that you make the most out of the money spent. Fortunately, this is a very easy thing to do when races are held across Europe in beautiful locations like Barcelona, San Marino, Belgium, Monaco, Spain, and Italy. There is no reason why you cannot organise an overseas trip to coincide with a Grand Prix race so that you get to see the best attractions of another country while you’re there.

With the British Grand Prix still fresh in the heart and mind, now is a great time to start planning your next Formula One holiday. The best way to do this is still to combine a European sightseeing trip with an organised excursion to a big Grand Prix race – that way, you get to indulge in your passion and reward yourself with an experience to remember.