Cottage Renovation Tips

Whether you’re expecting the arrival of a new member of the family, or you have found an old cottage for a bargain price that needs a bit of work to bring it back to life, renovating a traditional cottage can seem like an insurmountable challenge. However, by planning and preparing a renovation carefully, and by weighing up your options, it is possible to update and improve your property without having to break the bank, or your back.

Renovating your home can take a while - we've been working room by room for over a year!
Renovating your home can take a while – we’ve been working room by room for over a year!

Don’t Tackle It All At Once

Restoring a traditional cottage takes planning and preparation, and it will require some upheaval if you are planning to live in the property at the same time. Take one or two rooms at a time, rather than trying to make a start on every single project that needs work. Not only will this be more convenient when trying to work, but it will feel more manageable and you will be able to finish one project before moving on to the next.

Get Professional Help Where Needed

It is highly unlikely that you will have all the skills required to fully renovate even a single room so be prepared to get professional help in. Don’t attempt electrical work or plumbing unless you are trained, and for the best looking finish, you should consider using professionals for everything from plastering to decorating. You may not get the same sense of achievement, but you should enjoy a better looking and potentially longer lasting finish.

Use Reclaimed Materials

Cottages were typically meant as an affordable form of housing. One area where many modern homeowners make mistakes is in attempting to modernise this type of property too much. Try to benefit from some of the original features, and reclaim local materials and items where possible. It is likely that the original owners would have used similar techniques by sourcing everything from building materials to furniture locally. They would have tried to find inexpensive supplies that were practical and functional.

Source Furniture And Other Items Yourself

Catalogues and online sites like Homeclick are convenient and an inexpensive option. They do provide the same unique furniture and materials as you can find if you travel around boutiques, antique shops, and local suppliers. Take a few days to research suppliers, for example Crosley Furniture has unique options for every room in the cottage and you can  visit them online, and  buy and transport the items back to your updated cottage so that you can get the traditional look and potentially even save money. Courier and shipping services like TNT Direct can be used as an inexpensive means of having items shipped to your cottage.