Why it’s Not Good to Smoke Weed When You’re Sick

Let’s suppose that one of your favorite recreational activities is smoking weed. It is being legalized in several states and it looks like we may be on a national movement toward total legalization at some point. Regardless of your reasons for smoking weed, it is probably not such a good idea when you are sick with a cold or a flu. These are upper respiratory ailments and smoke can greatly irritate certain conditions. Continue reading “Why it’s Not Good to Smoke Weed When You’re Sick”

Cannabinoids and Oxidation: An excerpt from the book “Chronic Relief”

One of the best explanations to be found detailing oxidative stress and the effects of cannabinoids on reducing oxidative stress can be found in an excerpt from the book “Chronic Relief.” In the excerpt, the author details how free radicals act as agents to speed up the degenerative and aging processes. Continue reading “Cannabinoids and Oxidation: An excerpt from the book “Chronic Relief””

Signs You’ve Been Reading Too Many Magazines

Magazines are tempting us at every checkout line, every bookstore, and even online as things go more and more digital.  It’s easy to get sucked into the flashy headlines and beautiful people on the covers.  We see articles boasting “How to Be Happy NOW!” and it’s no wonder we want to pull out our wallets and plop down on the couch and start turning pages.

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3 Things You Can Benefit From in Rehab

Being faced with the fact that you find yourself addicted to something that you have to seek treatment for can be humbling and frightening.  You may find a million reasons in your mind to rationalize why it’s not a good idea.  Your life will become interrupted, you’ll miss your friends, your life will change, it costs a lot of money, and a variety of other reasons may pass through your thought process.

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