Missing teeth? Smiles can be completed with dental implants

If you have missing teeth, then the likelihood is you would prefer to have a complete smile. However, there may be things putting you off choosing to do something about it and it may be because you don’t fancy having replacement teeth that can loosen when you talk or need to be removed at night, or it could be that you just don’t feel like you need to worry about your missing teeth. However, there are health benefits for replacing your missing teeth. Firstly, if you have gaps in your smile, you are leaving your remaining teeth and gums exposed to more bacteria, which could lead to further oral hygiene issues. Alongside this, there is the aesthetic appearance of your smile to consider and the fact that your face loses its structure when teeth are missing, and you can begin to look more drawn and aged. Missing teeth have even been linked to heart disease, so there are many reasons to consider a replacement option.

Thankfully, there is a discreet, convenient and reliable solution to replacing your teeth that is just like having natural teeth. Dental implants St Albans is a treatment that patients are now opting for.

What are dental implants?

If you haven’t heard of dental implants before, then you may be pleased to hear that they do not require major surgery. Tiny screws are embedded into your jawbone, using local anaesthetic. They become fixed into place as the body’s tissues heal around them. These screws then act as artificial roots for your replacement teeth. Dentists can attach either crowns, bridges or dentures to your implants and they will stay in place 24-7, no matter what you eat or how much you talk!

The advantages of dental implants

Dental implants offer a convenient solution to replacing your missing teeth, because they remove the need to take your teeth out at night time – which could be a bit of a mood killer after all! You also don’t need to worry about altering your diet to avoid hard or chewy foods; with dental implants, you can continue to eat all the foods you enjoy. What’s more, they are easy to maintain afterwards by brushing and flossing regularly, as well as visiting your dentist for routine checkups. Replacement teeth can’t get cavities and the titanium that the screws are made for do not corrode easily, so you could find that if you take good care of your implants, then they could last you for a whole lifetime!

Another benefit of choosing dental implants is the fact that other people shouldn’t be able to tell that you don’t have all of your natural teeth, especially when they shouldn’t loosen at any point. If you have developed speech difficulties, jaw pain or a drawn face, as a result of missing teeth, then this should be addressed by having implants.

Find a dentist

If you are keen to get dental implants, you will need to find a dental practice that offers this treatment. Book in for an initial consultation and they will be able to examine you and advise on suitable treatment options. If dental implants are deemed to be an appropriate treatment for you, then you could have a new smile in as little as two appointments’ time!