Options for replacing missing teeth at a dentist Soho

Living with missing teeth can be problematic for anyone as it can lead to them having to live with a large amount of discomfort as well as make changes to the way they use their mouths daily.

Many people who have lost teeth may decide to avoid eating tougher foods, such as steak or nuts, as they find using their gums and jawbones to chew such food can be hard work and often painful. Those who lose teeth at the front of their mouths often decide to try to avoid smiling or laughing openly as they wish to avoid any embarrassment they may feel by allowing others to see the area where they have lost their teeth.

Many people who have lost teeth start to wish they could replace them, as they feel this will make their mouths feel more comfortable and give them the ability to use their mouths in a way that feels more natural to them. This may lead them to investigate the tooth replacement options provided by a dentist Soho, who can provide both temporary and permanent replacement options to their patients.

Finding the correct type of tooth replacement

There are several options available for replacing lost teeth in the dental market of the United Kingdom, each of which holds its own value depending on the individual patient’s needs. There are dental appliances such as bridges and dentures that patients can remove from their mouths should they experience any discomfort; however, these devices do not provide a permanent, fixed-in-place solution for replacing missing teeth.

Patients looking for a fixed-in-place solution may wish to consider hard-wearing dental implants, which are tough enough to cope with the rigours that teeth go through in daily life and may give them the feeling of having their natural teeth back.

Patients should consult their dentists in order to gain full details about each tooth replacement option before moving forward with a solution. Once the patient has decided which option they wish to move forward with, appointments can be made for the patient to have a full examination, and the treatment process can begin.

Engaging with the professionals

Patients are always advised to engage with dental professionals if they wish to have the best possible standards of oral health and hygiene. This may be especially true following the loss and replacement of teeth since the gum is exposed and infections will need to be avoided. As recommended by all dental professionals, patients should make sure they attend dental appointments every six months to have their oral health assessed.

There is no reason why someone living with a tooth replacement solution cannot still enjoy high standards of oral hygiene; of course, this can be achieved by brushing twice a day, which is just as important for the gums as it is for the teeth.

Those who are living with missing teeth and wish to consider tooth replacement treatment should contact their dentist Soho to find out what options may be available to them.