What is facial aesthetics?


Ageing is a natural process unfortunately all of us have to go through. While numerous theories exist for the explanation of ageing, the picture is not yet complete. Much more biomedical research has to be carried out to understand ageing and try to alleviate it. One of these theories is the oxidative stress theory. During our normal healthy metabolic operation a number of compounds called reactive oxygen species (ROS) form. These compounds can contribute to DNA damage, extracellular matrix damage and various other forms of acquired damage. They have even been linked to the formation of cancerous cells, primarily down to their ability to damage our DNA and induce unwanted mutations. While we do not see these biochemical processes inside us, ageing is very much visible on the outside. As we advance in our age, more and more of this acquired damage accumulates. This might be observable by the time- dependent, progressive appearance of wrinkles, grey hair, joint problems, tooth discolouration and a range of other signs. There are a number of scientists currently working on the problem of ageing, however, there is still a long road ahead. If you would like to reduce your signs of ageing and enhance your beauty, then you should book an appointment for facial aesthetics Kent.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are an innovative way of reducing age associated signs, such as wrinkles or lines. Dermal fillers are made out of a compound called hyaluronic acid. This chemical can be naturally found in the body, mostly in the connective tissues, nerves and epithelial tissues. It is the primary component of the extracellular matrix, therefore it is thought to contribute to a number of important cellular processes, such as cell division and cell migration. During dermal filler treatments sterile hyaluronic acid is introduced to the desired locations, which can help mitigate the presence of wrinkles and it can significantly improve age related signs. Dermal fillers can be introduced to both the cheeks and the lips, depending on which part of your face you would like to improve aesthetically. The hyaluronic acid is introduced to the cheek or the lips via an injection. Typically, hyaluronic acid fillers are more temporary solutions, as they generally last between 6 to 18 months, with the lip fillers lasting a slightly shorter time. If you would like to get facial aesthetics treatment, think about booking an appointment with a reputable dental practice offering facial aesthetics, as dentists also have the expertise to work with and enhance facial structure.


Botox is a well known method of improving one’s facial aesthetics. Botox is the abbreviation of botulinum toxin, which is a particular toxic compound. This toxin is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, and it is a highly potent neurotoxin. Botulinum toxin’s potent neurotoxic ability is utilised for various treatments. By injecting very small amounts of it into the desired locations, the skin might appear smoother and it can help alleviate the signs of ageing. As only very small amounts of the toxin are used during cosmetic treatments, systemic toxicity of botulinum toxin is not something to be worried about. If you decide to get botox, do thorough research to find a reputed cosmetic surgeon. Do look for premium cosmetic practitioners (8 West, for example) who has ample experience and reviews.