Can a reliable hygienist in Richmond help restore your oral health?

Brushing up on dental hygiene

As the dark, cold nights are increasingly drawing in – coupled with the country-wide lockdown measures and restrictions – more and more of us are spending an increased amount of time at home. Whilst we all retire to our cosy sanctuaries and binge-watch the latest serial dramas and munch on available snacks, it is paramount that we remember the importance of good oral health care. The benefits of having healthy teeth are something which most of us don’t often consider, although they are not to be taken for granted – especially as we all collectively focus on retaining and maximising our health and wellbeing during these strange times. If plaque and food particles are not regularly removed through proper brushing and flossing, then they could develop and spread, and can often grow into something serious such as periodontal disease. This could land us in a far more difficult situation when faced with seeking treatment, and as such it is recommended that anybody who is concerned about their oral health should waste no time in seeking out the services of a trusted hygienist Richmond. In doing so, patients can relax knowing their teeth and gums will be properly looked over and – should any signs of developing periodontal disease be noticed – will receive the proper course of treatment to get their smile back to full health.

What does a dental hygienist do?

A dental hygienist arguably plays one of the most important roles within a dental practice. Rather than operating in a responsive manner, such as treating tooth trauma after it has happened as many dentists do, or working to address a cosmetic problem as cosmetic dentistry typically does; a hygienist focuses their services entirely around preventive care that is designed to keep a patient’s teeth in proper health. These preventive treatments can range from simple tips and techniques being passed on to patients of all ages, to more full scale professional cleaning of the interior of a patient’s teeth. It is the opinion of most hygienists that the best possible type of care which patients can receive is one which prevents them from needing any extra treatments further down the line. Since the rise of Covid-19, dental hygienists have seen a resurgence in their services being sought out by patients of all ages, because of their ability to ensure that each patient’s teeth are fit and healthy. Following this surge in patients approaching them, the need for a streamlined workflow system could arise as it becomes difficult to handle a large number of patient records and information. Whether for scheduling appointments, insurance-related queries, or other ways to enhance the patient’s experience, a digital tool like Cloud 9 Software could always prove to be helpful. That said, dental hygienists are quite popular because of their expertise in the field. Identifying signs of gum disease (or periodontal disease) is one of the principal jobs that a hygienist carries out on a regular basis, as well as examining the patient’s mouth for any signs of decay or disrepair.

What’s a ‘scale and polish’?

As mentioned, another one of the key roles which is carried out by a reputable dental hygienist is a professional, full-mouth cleaning service called a ‘scale and polish’. This is a two stage cleaning procedure which makes use of an ultrasound scraper (amongst other tools) to rid the patient’s teeth of any plaque and tartar which may have formed in the harder to see or reach spaces in between teeth. After this, the patient’s teeth are then polished in the second stage of the treatment, which removes any surface stains and leftover plaque and leaves them with a visibly enriched smile that is as healthy as it can possibly be.