Ways to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck in 2016

2016 has only just begun and you’ve probably made some resolutions in order to start your year off on the right foot. For some, this might include cutting back on the amount of sugar eaten, for others it might include going to the gym at least 3 times a week.


Best of luck to you in whatever way your new year’s resolution manifests itself, but let what is said right now be a world of advice. If you want your resolution to stick and not just be a binge plan that lasts two weeks, you need to put together a plan to make goal a lifestyle change.

In the Realm of Health

The goal to get healthier in the new year is a resolution made by a majority of the population. 12 percent of new gym members join in January, and according to the Sheridan Press, the second week in January is the busiest week in the year as people who actually come to the gym increases 33-50 percent.

In almost laughable form, of the resolutioners who join a gym at this time, 80 percent of them will drop their memberships by the middle of February. If these were the people who joined the second week in January, they only lasted a month. That’s a very sad attempt at a successful New Year’s resolution.

It’s up to you to make your resolution to get healthy successful. Who knows if the majority of people quit because they don’t like exercising or eating healthy, or if they simply didn’t have the personal finances to spend on a gym membership. If the answer is the latter, there are ways you can get healthy and exercise without a gym.

Think Outside the Box

If you’re tight on finances and can’t afford a gym membership, here are some suggestions: Take to Youtube and look up exercise videos. The fitness routines are limitless and they are available for every fitness level. Whether you enjoy yoga, boxing, zumba, or barre, the videos are vast in number and available instantly for you. The makers of the videos will even often give you advice in the realm of diet and things you need to be doing to meet your fitness goals.

If you’re not computer savvy, head to your local Best Buy or any other store that sells fitness videos or equipment and save yourself money by looking for the deals. You don’t need that fancy piece of equipment that costs a fortune and you won’t know how to use anyway.

A simple dumbbell and an exercise dvd will work wonders. You actually don’t even necessarily need the weights, you can use your own body weight quite effectively.

Grocery Shop Wisely

Fitness is also about diet, so pay attention to this area in your life. You don’t have to spend all sorts of money on healthy food. Once again, get in touch with your inner couponer and only buy the fresh ingredients you need on the weekly.

Attend markets where you can haggle on the price of produce, and if that’s not an option available to you, visit your local fresh market that parallels a Winco. This way, you can buy exactly what you need and not waste money on food that will just go bad or on packaging that is only polluting the environment and draining your wallet.