Things You Can Do To Avoid Awkward Body Growths

Everybody knows that bodies can either be extremely beautiful, or outright gross. Imagine the days where baths were only taken once a year, people dumped their waste into the streets, and people were forced to be dressed head to toe in layers upon layers of clothing in the hottest and most humid of climates.


It sounds like pure agony. Go on to imagine being covered in layers and layers of sweat and dirt upon working laboriously in the hot sun and not showering afterward. The lack of hygiene in the Middle Ages was the reason the Bubonic plague started, and it killed off a third of Europe’s population. The whole formula for how people used to live is enough to make anybody cringe.

Luckily today, a large part of the population has access to showers. Even though we’re much cleaner than we were as a species many years ago, the human body is still known to do some disgusting things-or better yet, grow some disgusting things. Here are things you can do to avoid coming off like you have the plague.

Naturally Medicate

It’s pretty well known that medication isn’t good for you. So many drugs given out by medical professionals are good at saving lives, but often it’s at a higher cost than the patient really needs to pay. There are many illnesses, bodily growths, and symptoms that can be treated and healed naturally.

For instance, if you have a skin tag that you don’t want, you don’t have to go to the doctor, you can use natural remedies to solve the problem. The same principle goes for rashes, certain illnesses and even cavities. Do your research to find what natural medicines work for what issues.

Keep Clean

The biggest way to avoid developing awkward bodily growths like warts and other viruses is to keep yourself clean at all costs. There is something to be said for over doing it, but you’ll want to take proper precautions.

If you’re just out and about and touching things while you’re living your daily life, you’ll want to wash your hands often. You never know what kind of virus you may come into contact with. It’s possible to pick up strains of herpes just by touching something when you have a cut on your finger.

The same principle applies to maintaining cleanliness and hygiene for your feet. Regularly washing your feet, especially after being in public spaces or wearing closed-toe shoes for extended periods, helps eliminate bacteria and prevent foot-related issues. Using a feet cleaner Brush as part of your foot care routine can effectively remove dirt, dead skin, and impurities, ensuring optimal foot health.

For those who go to the gym often there is another concern. The gym is a hotspot for the spreading of germs. When touching machinery or weights, be mindful and sanitize. Gloves are a great idea when lifting weights. You’ll avoid direct contact with the metal which will cut down your likelihood of picking up a virus that causes strange growths on your body like warts or cold sores.