The 7P’s of dental marketing to help create an excellent dental website

To help your dental practice grow and continue to attract new patients in this era of digital technology you need to have a strong digital dental marketing campaign. At the heart of this needs to be a modern, highly bespoke and professional dental website. This is the key to successful dental marketing. Without a dental website, patients will be unable to find out who you are, where you are located, and the treatments and procedures that you have to offer, and you will lose patients to the other dental practices in your area.

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Most dental practices already have a dental website for their marketing campaign. It is important that your website is maintained and updated on a regular basis so that it is always in keeping with current trends. If a prospective patient finds your website and it is outdated, then they will assume the same of your dental practice. Digital technology is evolving on a continuous basis, to help you stay in keeping with current trends you need to speak to an award-winning digital dental marketing team who specialise in creating dental websites to find out how they can help you.

Your website needs to be distinguishable from that of the other dental practices in your area as most of you are offering the same treatments and procedures, so patients need to be able to differentiate you from the others so that they choose you to address their dental needs.

What are the 7P’s of dental marketing?

To help you make sure that patients can find all the information that they are looking for, an excellent strategy is to address the 7P’s of dental marketing on your website. This helps ensure that you have addressed all aspects of your business. This includes the profile of your dental practice which can be presented on your homepage and your landing page. It includes the people on your team and the dental practice itself which should be displayed using photographs and videos on the website. You need to address the prices of the treatments and procedures that you have to offer. It is important to carry out competitor analysis to find out how much the other dental practices in your area are charging for similar services. By offering a price match or a better offer for your patients you will be able to attract more interest. 

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You need to talk about the promises of fantastic dental care and excellent customer service at your dental practice and proof of such promises by including patient reviews and having a strong collection of Google reviews and ratings to help you show this. Finally, you need to be able to offer your patients smile makeovers and treatment plans which are individually tailored that they may not be able to find at the other dental practices nearby. Speak to your digital dental marketing team today to find out more about the 7P’s of dental marketing and how you can implement these to make sure that you have a dental website which is successful at bringing new patients to your door.