Helping people regain their teeth with dental implants St Albans

Losing a tooth or several teeth is not something that anyone wishes to live through, as it is often a sudden event that is painful to live through and will always leave a lasting physical impact on the mouth. Events like these may also lead to someone having to change some of the ways they use their mouths, as some foods may become harder to eat, steak and nuts are examples, and those who lose teeth at the front of the mouth may decide to avoid smiling as a way to stave off embarrassment.

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Many who lose teeth may decide to investigate ways they can replace the missing teeth, this may lead them to investigate bridges, to recover a single tooth or a small number of teeth, or in cases of total tooth loss, people may opt for dentures. These devices do not offer a permanent, fixed in place solution and often pose challenges of their own to the patient wearing them.

Dental implants St Albans may offer patients a solution that they may not have considered possible, as this is a permanent, fixed in place solution that allows patients to regain their lost teeth in a way that feels natural.

What patients want

Patients who have suffered tooth loss often want to find a way to replace the loss, that feels natural and is hard-wearing enough to deal with the rigours that teeth are exposed to throughout daily life. They want to know that any replacement solution they decide to use will stay in place and is hard-wearing enough to last, and so dental implants are a solution that can tick both these boxes.

With the correct care, this is a solution that can last a patient the rest of their life. There is no need for any new care routine as the correct care is to continue brushing and flossing the teeth as recommended by most of the dental professionals working in the UK.

Created to last

First, a screw made from titanium is inserted into the jawbone of the patient receiving treatment, to help to create a new strong base for the patient’s new tooth to sit on. The new tooth will be made from a strong ceramic material that is shaped and coloured to allow it to look perfectly natural once it is in place and surrounded by any remaining teeth.

The description given above is for replacing a single tooth, however, this solution can be easily adapted to replace multiple teeth or an entire set of teeth if required. This really is a great solution for those who have lost teeth and are looking for a one-time solution that will replace the lost teeth.

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At last…At last, there is a permanent and reliable solution to tooth loss, that people can put their faith in. Implants are the solution many have been looking for, as they are more than capable of coping with daily use and giving patients their teeth back in a way that feels natural.