Stylish ways to bring wooden décor into your home

Wood can really bring a home to life. It gives a fresh, natural, uncomplicated feel that suggests simple, uncluttered living and relaxation. There are many ways to use wood in your home besides going for the rustic look. Keep in mind that wood is not restricted to furniture only. From wall hangings to blinds, shutters, and flooring, wood can be incorporated in different ways inside a dwelling. But despite this, a good number of homeowners use wood only in the form of furniture. Of course, nothing wrong with that! Antique wooden furniture can suggest sophistication and elegance, while brightly coloured pieces create a vibrant modern look without the artificiality of plastics or man-made material, such as these Amish Handcrafted Cedar Chests.

No hard feelings for wooden furniture but all we are saying is there are several other ways to use wood for your property. Why not be open to all of those ideas?


Classic wood

Stripped pine and light wood painted white or similar pale shades are the classic ingredients for a feel that’s light, airy and spacious. Consider a bed frame in a light golden wood with simple clean lines and angles, stood on polished floorboards warmed with light-coloured rugs. A matching wardrobe and chest of drawers create an impression of beguiling neutrality, with a fitting yet quirky touch created by the stylish wooden shutters on the window. The sense of peace and tranquillity this combination creates will make your bedroom the most relaxing room in the house- just as it should be.

Dark wood

Dark wood can be used in different ways inside a house. It can be turned into a wall hanging, Custom Blinds, a furniture piece, or flooring. When contrasted with neutral-colored items, all of these can offer a vintage look to the interiors of a house. Nonetheless, many homeowners are of the misconception that dark wood can add a touch of gloominess to their abodes. As said earlier, the use of contrasting colors, be it pale or bright, in the form of a throw, bedspread, or occasional chair can help bring these above -mentioned sturdy gentlemen into the 21st Century. In return, they can lend weight and gravitas to an otherwise frivolous setting. Placing them against a clean white backdrop with plenty of light can also allow them to breathe more easily.

Found wood

Recycled pieces of wood can be a stylish, funky addition to your home. Wooden pallets, driftwood, old doors, and fallen tree branches can all be recycled into elegantly rustic talking points. Ideas could include mirror and picture frames, banisters, shelving, and distinctive coffee tables. Repositioned and distressed wooden items can be a great contribution to the post-industrial or steampunk décor that is so fashionable right now.

Bright wood

A few coats of bright paint can transform even the most inexpensive piece of wooden furniture into something that will bring style and vibrancy into your home. Cheap wooden cabinets, coffee tables and chests of drawers can seem modern and unique if painted in solid primary colours and positioned to make a bold, pop art statement. Because wooden furniture is plentiful and adaptable it’s great for making a room look stylish on a budget.

Ultimately the best thing about wood is that it’s so versatile. Because it’s a natural substance it can blend in with any décor, while allowing your room to breathe and giving it a sense of authenticity. Whether you go for a look that’s clean and bright, mahogany-dark and elegant or distressed and funky, you’ll find that wood can liven up an otherwise potentially sterile environment no end.