Starting a Job Abroad

If you’ve ever had to endure the anxiety and stress that comes with relocating to a new city for a new job, spare a thought for those who have to relocate to a whole new country. Okay, you were perhaps prepared to go and live abroad if you actually took the time to apply for a job in another country, something which likely came with some research you completed to see how your daily life would be.

However, most people I’ve spoken to who have actually gone on to make the move abroad to start a new job say that when they sent through their applications they did so with dominating thoughts that it was indeed a long shot. For the most part they met all the main criteria required for consideration for the job, but even then you never really truly believe you’ll end up getting the job which is likely applied to by many other qualified and skilled potential candidates from all over the world. So when the call does eventually come through that you got the job, perhaps after having gone through something like a Skype interview, the reality that this is actually happening can take a while to sink in, after which time you realise that you have some task on your hands with regards to getting everything organised and eventually settling in at your new place of residence.

So there are a couple of things you can do just to make the entire process as seamless as it can be, but by no means will it be a walk in the park. You will get stressed out and it’s just up to you how you’re going to deal with that stress.

Sort out the major details first

I mean you must have experienced that precarious little period when you’ve turned out bright and early for your very first day of work at a new company and you’re not quite sure what’s what, where to go or who to speak to exactly. You know, that period when you feel like just making a dash for it and perhaps continuing your job search?

Who’s to say that’s not going to happen at your new job, abroad? You do not want to have to deal with that anxiety in addition to the stress of a much bigger issue, like perhaps where you’re going to be staying or what to do in the event that you fall ill or sustain an injury.

These are the major details that you need to take care of first – the ones which will make sure you’re still in one piece whatever else may go wrong. Moving abroad can be overwhelming because the number of things you have to think about and take care of might be way more than if you were just switching jobs locally. With things like your visa, your stay, finances, etc. to plan for, plus the added pressure of starting a NEW JOB!, it might seem like it can all go for a toss with the flick of a finger. Worrying won’t help, though.

Understanding the situations you’ll have to prepare for, and preparing for them in advance may enable you to have the upper hand and take you through your first few days (or weeks) effortlessly. Wherever you’re moving to, think of reaching out to advisory services (like MCA Assessors for Andorra) that can provide all the necessary information and help new residents familiarise themselves with the country and its workings.

Also, you can make transportation easier by traveling by personal vehicle like a bike instead of getting lost in public transport. If you already owned a vehicle back where you were living, you can bring it with you to the new country. For that, you could look for a motorbike transport service with an international facility to ensure that you have one less thing to worry about.

With the new company and location, you will need to find a place to live. It would be preferable if you could find an apartment close to your office to avoid the additional costs of travel. In addition, look for an internet service provider in your area to get a broadband connection. In today’s world, there may be nothing you can do without the internet. As a result, having a reliable internet connection at home has become essential, so that when you are feeling under the weather, you can work from home or simply take a day off and watch some TV shows. You can also combine your services by merging your internet package with a television or home phone. You can, for example, get Xfinity customizable internet along with Xfinity tv packages and phone packages that meet your specific needs.

The smaller details can be taken care of later, but another thing that can be a major source of help for you is getting in touch with your new employers and in a sense suggesting to them that they should help you out with the range of unique issues you’ll naturally be faced with. If they have to, some employers even put their newly-appointed foreign employees in a hotel until they’ve sorted out some of the other logistical issues.