Why Does Wood Effect Porcelain Flooring Beat Hardwood?

Homeowners looking for a high-end flooring material often end up having to choose between stone and wood; with wood effect porcelain flooring, they can enjoy the best of both worlds. Porcelain tiles deliver the advantages of stone but are available with the appearance of wood, and here are just a few reasons why they are the go-to option among well-informed homeowners.

Durable Across All Areas

Hardwood flooring is quite durable, but only to a point. The main issue is that natural wood does not repel moisture. Instead, it will swell or shrink depending on the amount of moisture it is exposed to. For areas like the kitchen or bathroom, natural wood is a very bad idea. It’s also problematic in high-traffic areas since wood can dent, chip, and scratch relatively easily. In contrast, stone flooring is unaffected by moisture and its surface is a lot tougher.

Easy Maintenance

Stone floors are not maintenance-free – you will still need to clean them regularly and make sure they are resealed around once a year. However, wood effect porcelain flooring is significantly easier to maintain than natural wood flooring since its surface cannot be penetrated. It also resists stains more easily. It’s also worth keeping in mind that wood effect tiles are easy to replace since an exact duplicate can be made to measure. With natural wood, you’re unlikely to find a perfect match.

Custom Design

A further issue with natural wood is that not all types of timber can be grown in the United Kingdom. In fact, it often turns out that the type of wood a homeowner sets their heart on is quite costly since it needs to be shipped from across the world. With wood-effect porcelain flooring, this isn’t something you need to concern yourself with. Whether you want English oak or Thai teak, the effect can be created just as easily. You would just need to find flooring stores High Point or in your area that can provide the flooring look you want and request for a quote.


Another problem that comes with the fact that timber often needs to be shipped from afar is the environmental cost. Timber is very heavy, so the fuel costs associated with transporting it are high, and the country you source it from might not farm trees sustainably. Of course, any kind of natural wood flooring isn’t great for the environment since trees need to be cut down to make it. Once again, this isn’t a problem you’ll face with wood effect floor tiles.