Turning Your Pet into an Instapet

Back when he was growing up my husband’s parents got a couple of very good guard dogs which the rest of us were seriously scared of, so I guess that’s one of the reasons why he refers to the miniature, fluffy poodle I want to get as something which is “less than a dog.” He always jokes that his name for “it” will be “Rat,” because that’s what he would see it as – nothing that can be referred to as a real dog, because real dogs are meant to serve a purpose such as protecting the house, aren’t they? Continue reading “Turning Your Pet into an Instapet”

4 Qualities You Should Have As a Police Officer

A job in law enforcement calls for interacting with a wide variety of people in a variety of situations at any moment.  More often than not, police officers aren’t warmly welcomed in situations because they may not like being told what to do, or may have experienced police misconduct.  Unfortunately, the primary responsibility of a cop isn’t to make friends, but to enforce the law.

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4 Practical Gifts You Can Give This Christmas Season That Will Do Much More Than Collect Dust on a Shelf

With Christmas right around the corner once again – that came around so fast this time – again comes the time for family, friends, love and good food. However, one of the most stressful thoughts on everyone’s minds is what to give people as a gift to celebrate this amazing time of year.

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Prioritizing Your Family’s Safety: 6 Circumstances in Which You Should Never Sit Behind the Wheel

Many modern cities are not built with pedestrians in mind, which means we use our cars to get most places. You want your family to be safe when traveling, whether that’s from the weather, other drivers, or even yourself. While we may need to get from point A to point B, there is never an excuse for putting your safety or the safety of your loved ones at risk. Here are six circumstances in which you should never sit behind the wheel:

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Car Tyre Tips For London’s Busy Drivers

Few cities in the whole of Europe are as busy with traffic as London. The capital has some of the most congested trunk roads even before you get into the city centre. The north circular, or A406, is renowned for its delays even on a good day. Likewise, arterial routes in South London, such as the A2, the A3 and the A23 through Croydon, can get clogged up even before the rush hour begins in earnest. Once you have driven into the congestion charge zone, it is often no better. Upper Thames Street can take an age to get through the city. Tottenham Court Road, Wigmore Street and Stamford Street are all supposedly A-roads but they never feel like it when you are driving on them! Continue reading “Car Tyre Tips For London’s Busy Drivers”

3 Ways To Be A More Defensive Driver

One of the most dangerous things that people do on an almost daily basis is getting behind the wheel of a car. Car accidents can happen to anyone at virtually anytime they’re on the road, so it’s important that you know what precautions you can and should be taking to best protect yourself and those riding in your vehicle. As part of this protection, you should be practicing defensive driving maneuvers whenever possible. To help you become more effective at this type of driving, here are three ways you can be a more defensive driver and keep everyone safe while on the road. Continue reading “3 Ways To Be A More Defensive Driver”

Machine Vs. Hand Embroidery: How To Tell The Differences

What is Embroidery? 

Embroidery is an art of ornamenting fabric and other types of material using a needle and a thread. Often times, yarn is used. Aside from thread and yarn, embroidery also makes use of other decorative materials such as sequins, quills, beads and pearls. As you may have noticed today, embroidery is everywhere and you probably have seen it on hats, coats, caps, stockings, golf shirts, dresses and even on denim. Continue reading “Machine Vs. Hand Embroidery: How To Tell The Differences”

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Getting a Medical Marijuana Card

The medical marijuana card allows for marijuana use for different afflictions and illnesses, offering relief to people who have suffered for long. Under the federal law, the use of marijuana remains illegal and the federal government still doesn’t recognize its medical benefits. Nonetheless, the marijuana card makes it possible for the recipient to avoid both criminal and civil penalties at the level of the state, depending on where an individual lives. This card allows for registered users to get marijuana through the dispensaries, health clinics, and dispensaries that are approved by the state.  Nevertheless, it should be known that applying for a medical marijuana card is not an easy thing. There are various reasons one may be denied this card. The good news, however, is that most of the mistakes that result in the rejection of a medical marijuana card can be avoided. Avoid these three mistakes to improve your chances of getting your application approved. Continue reading “Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Getting a Medical Marijuana Card”