Making it Count: 9 Outstanding Gift Ideas Your Special Someone is Going to Love

It feels good to give a gift to someone special and see their face light up when they open it up and tell how much they love what you have bought for them, especially if it is something that means a lot to them such as a personalized gift like a Customized Film Roll Keychain or something else you might have found online.

If you are struggling for a bit of inspiration, here are some ideas that you might want to consider when thinking about what sort of gift you want to get for that special person in your life.

Give them something that will be a real talking point

Gifts don’t have to be expensive to be well received and there is a great way of getting them something they will love without spending a fortune but demonstrating that you are taking a keen interest in what they are in to as a person.

Consider buying them a book that is all about a subject or topic that they are really interested in.

Search out a rare book on the subject for extra impact when you give the gift of something to read, or just show how thoughtful you are by finding a good read that you know will light them up and bring the two of you even closer when you discuss the contents.

Fill the room with a reminder of how much you care

Scented candles are really popular, and this is another reasonable inexpensive but thoughtful gift that should be well received.

The gift of giving a scented candle gets better when you do your research and use your knowledge to pick a fragrance that you know is their favorite.

Another positive aspect attached to presenting someone special with a candle is the fact that the room will be filled with a smell that they love and all the time it will be reminding them of you and how much you care for them.

Something they need

There all sorts of reasons for giving someone special a gift and when you know that person really well it doesn’t always have to be a romantic or frivolous gift.

It can show that you care just as much when you give that person something you know that they have had their eye on for some while and need, but haven’t got around to getting for themselves as yet.

If they have an item that is getting worn out through heavy use and could do with replacing or the person has talked about treating themselves to a new version of something, that could be your cue to get that item for them as a gift. You could give them something like a personalized lighter with their photos! Design your own lighter with photos and give them one of their own, so that they always remember you when they use it.

Practical gifts don’t have to be boring to the recipient, especially if you have put the effort and thought into buying something that you know will be well received.

A reminder of a special place

If you want to give someone special a gift that brings back memories of an amazing place you might have both visited in the past or they class as a favorite destination somewhere in the world.

A gift that would provide them with a permanent reminder of that special place would be to find a place that can create a gift in the shape of customized map art.

The map art will focus on the special location and should have the desired effect of provoking an emotive response each time they look at the gift you gave them that is now hanging proudly on the wall.

An experience they won’t forget

It doesn’t always have to be a physical gift that you give to how much you care for someone special, and experiences are proving a popular alternative.

There are a whole host of experience days and special events that you can buy tickets for and give as a memorable gift.

This could be anything from wine tasting, a flight in a hot air balloon, or getting behind the wheel of a fast sports car and racing around a track.

Think about what your special person would love to do or has a keen interest in and see if you can find an experience that fits the bill.

Make it personal

Personalised gifts are another excellent idea for turning even a regular item into something more meaningful. Have a look at this name jewelry as an example of an ordinary gift idea that has been taken above and beyond. A gift like this is so special and can be treasured for many years to come.

You can get many different items personalised, so you could get that special person anything from personalised beanbags, to clothing or ceramic items, knowing that they will love the thought behind getting their name added to the gift.

The gift of a subscription

If you are trying to make a romantic statement, a gift of a subscription might not seem like the sort of gesture you would use to say how much you think about them, but this is not such a bad idea when you think about it.

When someone has a passion for something such as fine wine, gourmet coffee, chocolate, or any number of other things, you might be able to find a subscription package that means they will get a regular gift sent to them each month centered around an item or topic that will always bring a smile to their face.

Turn your love for each other into a puzzle

If you are looking for a quirky but very thoughtful gift that could even be something you do together, a custom jigsaw puzzle might be the answer.

You should be able to find a company that can transform a favorite picture into a jigsaw puzzle. If you like doing things together, you might want to find a photo of a special memory that you shared together and enjoy the fun of putting the pieces together and talking about it as you try to solve the puzzle.

Give them plenty of reasons, in a jar

A simple gift idea that could turn out to be a real winner is the idea of writing loads of different reasons why you love a person on 52 different notes and put them in a special jar.

Invite them to take out a note each week and enjoy the fact that they are sure to appreciate what you have said about them every time they pull a new message out to read.

If you are going to give someone special a gift, there are plenty of inspirational ways to ensure that they know who much you love and care about them.