A Gift They’ll Cherish Always: Why Custom Tumblers Never Fail to Make People Smile

When it comes time to purchase gifts for loved ones it can cause a lot of stress finding something perfect for them. A custom gift is a way to give someone the feeling they are special to you. The best presents are also those that are useful and can be used day to day. With the growing amount of people attached to their daily beverages, a tumbler can be the perfect gift that they will use regularly and almost religiously.

If you decide a custom gift with a personal touch is the way to go, the next question that falls is what you will attach it to. Choose something that is special to them or a particular moment between the two of you. Another classic touch can be monogramming the gift with their name or initials. Considering what is appropriate for the person you’re buying for will go a long way. A simple way to make your loved one happy that can almost never go wrong is to use Custom Printed Wrapping Paper to wrap up your present. That’s sure to make them smile the instant they see it!

This is a gift with a lot of thought that is affordable and is not out of reach for normal people.

Advantages of Custom Gifts

It’s the Thought

Feelings between people, no matter how close they are, can be hard to express. Many people buy extravagant expensive presents to impress, but it is really about capturing your thoughts of that person in a gift. Custom gifts reflect the person receiving them that you spent the time thinking of to consider them and pick something special.

Common custom gifts can also act as great conversation starters in the future. It creates an opportunity for your friend to share a story that is special between the two of you.

Inside Jokes

If you have a hilarious joke that describes your friendship, this is a great opportunity to showcase it. This is a good way to insert a little fun into your loved one’s daily life while reminding them of you.

Monumental Moments

Using custom dates shows the importance of an event. Use the birthday of their newborn or the year of graduation. You can even create an award to present to them in the form of a gift. These options can become a regular gift to commemorate special events to create a collection if that is what the person your gifting would be interested in.

Personal Graphics

Tumblers do not have to simply contain words. There are many different graphics you can add and combine with text to create an individual piece. The choices are as limitless as your imagination. Many companies make the process as easy as you upload an image, design, photograph, or sketch. Previews may also be available to ensure the image translates well to an etching.

Seldomly Lost or Stolen

Since a gift is personalized, fewer people are likely to attempt to take it because it would not be relevant to their life or even resalable. The value of this custom gift is the sincere customization itself. Something that is valuable to them and no one else just makes it that much more special to them.

DIY Custom Gifts

You can even create custom gifts yourself, glass and metal etching type tools are available in most craft stores. The skill to use these tools will take time to perfect, but a personalized one of a kind gift will always show you care. For instance, you can create many custom shirts, bags, or hats with transfer paper. There are methods that make many do-it-yourself projects easier for those with no experience. Learning little DIY gift hacks can add a personal touch to any present.

If you do not have the time, the gift can seem just as thoughtful if ordered and personalized options are still available.

Ordering Convenience

If you are ordering your custom gift it is vital to prepare enough time in case something goes wrong. Customized orders cannot be prepared before they are ordered and will naturally take time to complete.

Customization can be completed at many specialty stores or even large department stores like Walmart or Target. Since most will still take a day to a few days, allowing the extra time for shipping may not be a detriment, especially if it means you can save.

Creating a Set

Sometimes just one option isn’t enough, or you want to buy for a group. Consider creating a set with individual lettering or image on each piece. This is a fun opportunity to designate particular engravings to match members of a group.

Vast Amount of Options

Customization can occur on so many products that the choices may seem endless. Do you get a complete memory book or a mug? Tumblers are a popular choice because of their growing popularity in everyday life.

Tumblers Are Useful!

Think of all of the moments you wished you had a sufficient tumbler to take your beverage on the go. Specialized tumblers are made for all sorts of beverages and environments. The type of tumbler can be just as important as the engraving itself.


If a person’s lifestyle is hectic and their busy life is always in a state of motion, a tumbler can be exactly what they need. Something that’s as mobile as they are will help ensure a useful gift. It seems as though most are in a constant state of motion and a tumbler will add a simple way to stay mobile

Daily Use

Tumblers are often used by their owners daily. Some may use them for daily coffee in the morning from home to work. Your custom tumbler can aid in making this part of their morning routine easier. The temperature of the coffee will last in the tumbler, but not overly-heat the hand holding it.


Each time your gift is used the recipient will think of you, and that will be often because of the many advantages of using a tumbler regularly.

Waste Less Beverages

When leaving your home you may have prepared yourself a drink. Without a lid most, beverages are more precarious in the car than they are worth. Most do not consider the amount of beverage that is wasted simply on spills. That is the main utility of tumblers- their ability to help contain all your beverage safely for any journey encountered. You can also bring your tumbler to drink locations to fill it up.

Save The World

Having a designated reusable cup will also help prevent the build-up of disposable cups that clutter up your car. Environmentally conscious consumers will also appreciate the amount of garbage they’ll be able to save from landfills around the world and be proud of their contribution. This little step towards going green can be implemented simply by buying them as a gift.

An accompanying aspect to paper cups are the straws that are often used with them. Paper straws are also an increasing problem in waste pollution, and this slowly changes for the better when using a tumbler instead.

Price Efficiency

Gifts can cost a small fortune if you want to purchase someone something they would truly like. Tumblers can be purchased in such commodity that they can even serve as an accompanying gift to a larger present. They fit in stockings and, with their low price, everyone can receive one without breaking the bank.


Custom Tumblers are a lot more stylish then toting a paper cup or mug around. Their sleek designs are becoming more personalized every day. If you want a particular color, chances are, it can be created. Tumblers are not great just for protection against spills and harsh temperatures, they can speak volumes on the recipient’s style.

A Gift For Any Occasion

Personalization means you can create a gift to match any occasion. Custom gifts can be kept and treasured. A personalized gift that is also useful, like custom tumbler, will never go out of style, especially with precious memories attached.


These make great gifts for your wedding party. Nothing shows you picked your bridesmaids particularly than a gift with each of their names on it. Even if you are attending a wedding, a great gift for the bride and groom are Mr and Mrs tumblers. This is something that will come in handy if they will be traveling for a honeymoon.

Baby Showers

A great gift for a parent-to-be is a tumbler since it is important for pregnant women always to stay hydrated. A great touch is taking the name of the prospective baby and adding any ultrasound image, etc. This is a great reminder for a pregnant woman to have day-to-day to remind her of her child when she may be experiencing a painful pregnancy.

Personalized Tumblers

Tumblers are sure to serve as a useful gift, and if the recipient is very avid about their beverages it is a perfect alignment. Adding the touch of personal accent makes the gift that much more priceless. It causes the tumbler to not be mistaken for someone else’s among a sea of beverage containers and will remind the person daily of the thought you put into their gift.