Make Certain Your Business Website Contains These Vital Design Elements

Building a business website is an art in its own right. You can grab up a template and launch your site in just a few hours, but the quality of your design won’t get you very far. There is a method to the madness of digital expression, and your business website needs certain elements to survive.

If you’ve got the basics of your site already designed, don’t scrap your efforts. Check out a brief description of some of the most vital design elements for your business website, and consider how you might enhance your organization’s digital presence.

Navigation is a foundational element

Users need the ability to move around the content you create online. Without a design element for navigation, you just have a bunch of unconnected web pages.

Traditionally, business designers use a stationary (or floating) navigation bar along the top or side of their layout to make it easy for users to explore. This medical malpractice legal website shows a clean cut demonstration of a stationary navigation system and how simple it is to utilize.

Communication should be encouraged through design

Encourage communication at every turn of your website’s design. You want to give web users every opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences concerning your organization. Use your website to gauge how the community views your products or services, and what you can do to enhance their experiences. For example, the text-to-speech tools (visit to view prices of such services) can add to the customer experience quality of your website.

In addition to a “Contact Us” page, add other pleas for communication throughout your design. For instance, a “leave a comment” box at the bottom of your blog pages, or you can add a contact phone number to your homepage.

Social media sharing spreads your digital wings

Social media is a hub for communication on the internet. Your business website will benefit from adding social media sharing icons. Boosting your visibility online is vital to your longevity as an organization, and social media is a pivotal tool for success.

Optimize your content for mobile viewing

Businesses can no longer ignore the prominence of mobile media. Mobile devices are far more likely to be accessing your website than a PC or a Laptop, so your content has to be malleable to the display changes that occur between platforms.

The simplest way to incorporate flexibility into your digital content is to add media queries to your design coding. Media queries will set your site up to automatically detect and adjust to the size of the current viewing screen, so your content will always display correctly.

Learn how to incorporate SEO

Search engine optimization is all the different content qualities you’ll need to boost your digital content to the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages). When your content falls higher in the SERPs, more web users have the opportunity to explore your creations.