5 habits to adopt for glowing skin.

  1. Drink lots of water

This is a simple and effective way to get started. By guzzling anything extra than the recommended eight glasses of water a day, you can prevent dehydration and, with it, unwelcome wrinkles and a more aged look. By drinking plenty of H2O, you will also rid your body of toxins and hydrate your skin, resulting in a more glowing complexion.

But, be careful. Water isn’t the answer to everything. Relaxing showers and long soaks in the tub may sound like Heaven, but lengthy exposure to hot water can take natural oils away from your skin.

  1. Watch what you eat

Another powerful and cost-effective technique to achieve extra glow to your skin lies in your diet. Making sure you have your five portions of fruit and vegetables every day helps prevent any damage to your skin and can also create a healthy tone.

As well as oranges and sweet potatoes, both of which contain vitamin C, special mention needs to go to watermelons, avocados and mixed nuts (such as Brazil, macadamia and walnuts). Each of these foodstuffs in your daily routine can either help prevent the ageing of skin or can create a glowing tone.

  1. Exercise, exercise, exercise

While it might already be a part of your health and fitness routine, regular exercise can also hold the key for a natural glow to your skin. The more blood pumped around your body, the more collagen produced and, therefore, the more wrinkles defeated.

Exercise not your cup of tea? A similar effect can be created when you get a facial. By massaging your favourite Tropic Skincare product into your cheeks, forehead and chin, you can pump the blood around your face, to create collagen that way and to leave your skin with a natural shine.

  1. Make your routine work for you

A regular routine is important if you want your skin to glow. By doing something a number of times, it will eventually become part of your everyday schedule.

Before jumping into bed for your eight hours, you must remove makeup and wash your face with soft soap before applying moisturiser. This will help prevent wrinkles and any breakouts through the night.

It’s worth remembering, however, that the results you want aren’t going to happen immediately. Be patient and confident with your routine, making only minor changes if you think they are absolutely necessary.

  1. Put your faith in face masks

However often you use a face mask (and many recommend between 1-3 times a week), the benefits are clear.

Like the exercise and facials mentioned earlier, face masks can help the blood circulate and create that all-important collagen needed to prevent wrinkles. You could even consider a professional skin care treatment once a while. Similar to a normal facial, but with instant results and for all skin types, something like a HydraFacial from the likes of SafiraMD Med Spa (https://safiramdmedspa.com/) can be a gentle therapy that can help rejuvenate your skin. After that, regular face masks can help keep the freshness intact. Furthermore, a good mask will cleanse pores and give you smoother, more exfoliated skin.

Face masks also help you to achieve a confident, hydrated glow to your skin through the firming up of loose skin, whilst also eradicating free radical damage, brought on by factors such as cigarette smoke and pollution.