How To Reward Yourself

Working through life without ever being rewarded isn’t much fun, which is why it’s important to reward yourself when you’ve done something you’re particularly proud of. Not only will you get some extra enjoyment out of your good deed or impressive performance, but you will set yourself on a subconscious journey to continue to do and be better all the time, knowing you’ll get a reward. So if you’ve reached your target weight, gained a promotion at work, started your own business, or achieved something you didn’t think you’d be able to do, here are some ways to reward yourself.

You Time

It isn’t often that most of us are able to take any time just for ourselves, but as a reward it’s ideal. Plus you won’t feel guilty about taking ‘me time’ because you will most certainly have earned it. Me time isn’t the same as ‘slacking off’ or procrastinating; it’s something you are able to do only after you have reached a certain goal. Because it’s a reward, you don’t have to rush through it either, and you can do something you really want to do rather than something you think you should do for a change. It can be anything from settling down with a good book to going to the cinema on your own to watch the film that you want to see, or even having a nice, long soak in the bath.

Be Pampered

If you can indulge for just a day, or even half a day, and be completely spoilt and pampered because you’ve done really well at something, you definitely should. This might come in the form of a massage or spa treatment, or you could purchase some lovely new bath salts or a body scrub. Have a cream tea and enjoy the cakes without worrying that you really should be doing something else. Get a brand new hairstyle and feel great about it. If you are rewarding yourself then it must be for a reason, and guilt should not come into it.

Try Something New

A reward is the ideal time to try something new that you’ve always wanted to try. If you’ve never been to a live football match but it’s on your bucket list, then buy sports tickets and enjoy the game. Or if you like the idea of learning how to dance, you could get yourself a taster lesson. Perhaps art is your idea of fun, or maybe it’s travel. It could even be something really simple such as exploring a new area of the place you live, or somewhere nearby. Whatever it is, giving yourself the chance to try it because you deserve a special reward will make it even more worthwhile.

Indulge in self love

Self-love is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. There are many benefits to it. To list out a few, it can help to boost your confidence, improve your relationships with others, and make you feel more content. Taking a break to do something that you enjoy, such as going for a walk, reading a book, or engaging in self love, maybe by watching some erotic videos like those found on on Sex Movr can be a great way to reward yourself.

Link It To Your Success

To really bring the message home that you deserve whatever it is that you’re giving yourself, and to ensure that you continue to do well, you can pick something that links to your success. If you’ve lost weight due to making more homecooked meals and not ordering takeaways anymore, then why not give yourself a fantastic new saucepan set, or specially designed knife? If you’ve just passed your driving test, then something for the car would be appropriate, such as a fun bumper sticker, or something to make your seat more comfortable.