Don’t Stay in an Abusive Relationship – How to End Your Fear of Being Hurt Again

The first thing you should do if you want to get out of an abusive relationship is to leave the person you are staying with. I say leaving because once you stay in an abusive relationship you will be in danger of harm from that person unless you leave the relationship and go to live with your family. Many women choose to stay in abusive relationships thinking that it will ‘tract’ the partner away from her but this rarely happens.

If you stay in an abusive relationship, do what it takes to leave it quickly. First make sure you call the police, get a protection order or go to the emergency room of your nearest hospital. You need to ensure that you are safe and that you can leave as soon as possible. Don’t stay in the abusive relationship thinking that things will improve. They won’t.

Don’t let yourself feel emotionally connected to your partner in any way. It is vital for you to stop feeling attached to them emotionally. When you stop feeling attached to them, you will be better able to see them for who they really are. If you do feel attached towards them then you need to break off the relationship. Don’t stay in an abusive relationship knowing that it will keep hurting you.

Don’t try to reason with your partner about why they abused you. If you are able to listen to them then you are not a victim. You are being an abusive partner. What kind of message are you sending to your children when you ignore them because you ‘don’t feel comfortable with them’? You are letting your words and your actions portray you as a passive abuser.

Don’t allow your fear of being hurt anymore to keep you from leaving. If you are afraid that your partner will leave you then you will continue to stay in the relationship. This just breeds more abuse. If you are already in the relationship and know that it is no longer worth the risk then leave. Do whatever it takes to get out of the relationship and never look back.

Don’t let yourself be controlled by the fear of being left. Do not allow yourself to be bullied into staying in an abusive relationship. Don’t stay in a relationship where you are afraid to be left alone. Don’t stay in an abusive relationship thinking that if you stay you might find someone new. Don’t stay in an abusive relationship thinking that it might save you from being hurt again.