What are the benefits of an electric recliner chair?

Sometimes getting in and out of your chair when you have stiff joints can be a difficulty. There are, however, solutions out there that can help to relieve you of those pains and take the pressure off a little bit.

Electric recliner chairs are a simple and effective solution, providing you with something that is both practical and stylish. If you struggle getting comfortable in an ordinary chair, then electric recliner chairs could be the one for you.

What’s the difference between an electric recliner and a riser-recliner?

Although similar in name, they are different in nature. A riser-recliner both reclines and rises to make the process of you exiting and entering the chair easier and more comfortable. A riser can go from upright to a reclined position providing you with extra comfort and relaxation.

Electric recliners on the other hand can do all the above, but with the simple push of a button. Riser-recliners use a hand operated system, as opposed to the electronic capabilities of an electric recliner. So, you can recline your chair to your preferred position without any hassle.

What motor options are available?

Electric recliners provide you with two options for the motor, either single or dual motored. Single motors use one motor to operate the recline function of both the back and the front leg rest. This means both sections operate at the same time.

Dual motor units on the other hand provide you with the ability to operate the back and front functions separately. So, if you want to recline the back, you can do this without moving the front leg rest. They allow you to choose your own bespoke position, which you can’t achieve with a single motored recliner.

Naturally dual motored electric recliners are a little more expensive than the single motored, but they are a worthy investment because of the benefits they can provide you. It all comes down to your budget and how much you have to spend.

What else do they offer?

Alongside the features mentioned above they also offer a heat and massage function which can be great for relieving any niggling pains and aches. They also help if you suffer from poor circulation or get cold easily.

Some electric recliners also have a swivel feature, this allows you to move the chair left or right. This feature is particularly useful if you need to switch between talking to a guest and watching TV. The chair does all the movement for you, rather than putting the stress on your body.