Buying New Versus Buying Used

There is much debate about which is better – buying a brand new car with four miles on it gained while driving said car off of the lot, or buying a used car, a few years old and which some think is the better investment. Which option is more appealing depends entirely on the consumer in question. Some buyers want flashy and new, other buyers consider that their disposable income would be better spent on other things.

Buy a new car is a great experience. You’re the first to drive it, it still has that glorious new-car smell, you can see your reflection perfectly because it’s so clean and shiny and it’s all yours. The fact that the vehicle depreciates hundreds of dollars the minute you drive it off the lot, and instantly becomes a used car instead of a new one, are just two minor things to consider. Perhaps those minor things are easily outweighed by having something new that you’ve likely worked very hard for. New cars also come with warranties that mean you won’t be on the hook if the car breaks or malfunctions and requires expensive repair work. Some new cars also come with service plans included which means that the first few oil changes and other minor service issues will be taken care of free of charge. New cars have many great benefits to them.

Used cars, on the other hand, are the far more practical option. However, choosing a reputable and organized used car dealer could be vital. This is because they can provide you with the car reports easily and quickly if they are using a good DMS (dealer management system). Additionally, you may wish to ask them for a Carfax report to learn how much you may expect to pay for the vehicle. If the value of the vehicle has stabilized, this can mean that some other buyer already drove it off the lost while it lost value with every mile. That depreciation is something they had to deal with and you never will. The used car likely has several thousand miles on it allowing the engine time to stretch it muscles and work like the well-oiled machine it’s meant to be. If the used vehicle has a solid history of service and maintenance, no history of accidents and has been well-loved by it’s previous owner, it could last just as long as any new car and for a fraction of the price. Check these out on

Deciding whether to buy a new or used car really comes down to the sensibilities of the buyer. Some buyers want flashy and new. Other buyers are more practical and crave only dependability over presentation. Which one are you?