Benefits of becoming a web designer

Pursuing a career as a web designer or in web development is a creative pursuit that many go into because they feel passionate. Fortunately, it is a lucrative career. And, while dreams of becoming an artist can be unrealistic for many, web design and web development offers plenty of creative roles. Nowadays, every business is online, and therefore they need web designers. Here, let’s take a look at the benefits of becoming a web designer.


If you pursue down the line of web development, there is room to play around creatively every single day. You are designing web sites, after all. Following briefs and fulfilling projects involves  learning techniques and playing around creatively. It’s this process which allows you to bring visions to life, utilise colours and shapes and then feel accomplished with the finished products. If creativity is a non-negotiable in your career then becoming a web designer is highly recommended as an option to seriously consider.  


Web development is an extremely lucrative industry. Due to the complexity and the continuous training you need to undergo, you will not be pushed for cash if you head into this area. Your salary or hourly wage will vary depending on location, industry, freelance versus agency based, and additional factors. Regardless of which combination you choose, you will still earn a significantly high income in a role as web designer or web developer.

Endless Work

Even websites as young as two or three years old can be outdated. It is not a set and forget ideology. In addition to this, the majority of people shop online which means essentially every business This means millions of businesses globally constantly need to update their sites in order to keep up with the trends. Not only this but whenever a new blogpost or product needs to be added to this site, this will count as work for you. Whether you choose to work in-house or for a web development and digital marketing agency with various clients, there will always be endless site updates required. 

Work from anywhere

Due to work being all online-based, working as a web designer means you can quite literally work from anywhere with an internet signal. While remote work and hybrid work models have increasingly become a new norm for many, you can essentially curate your entire life to be remote work, if you wish. This means you aren’t limited or restricted to remain in a large city and can instead move to smaller towns and cities, or alternatively, travel as you wish. Freelance can even equal further freedom, and of course, more money.

Training up as a web designer is highly recommended as a career you not only enjoy but can earn good money in. Start out by doing research on degrees in your chosen area by simply searching universities and enquiring with them on different options. It’s additionally recommended to keep a lookup on local agencies and enquire about internships or unpaid experience. For instance, simply search phrases such as “web designer auckland nz”, “digital marketing agency nz”, and “web design company in auckland”.