Trust Invisalign in Glasgow for discreet and effective dental realignment

Awaken to your options

Achieving a more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing smile is far easier and less invasive or demanding than you may expect. Historically, anyone who wished to shift crooked teeth into place would generally have to wear a fixed brace within their mouth for the full length of treatment – which is mostly around 12 months or more. 

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Nowadays however anyone who has slightly crooked, overcrowded or overlapping teeth can choose to align them through Invisalign in Glasgow which has little to no impact on their appearance whilst undergoing treatment as well as being far more comfortable and relaxing way to realign out of shape teeth. 

What is Invisalign?

Orthodontic treatments do far more than make your smile more symmetrical or visually pleasing, they also greatly minimise the risk or likelihood of gum disease developing and can massively prolong the lifespan of your teeth. This is because when your teeth are overlapping, crowded or crooked it leaves far more spaces and pockets throughout your mouth in which bits of food, plaque and bacteria can become lodged and proceed to develop uninterrupted. 

When this plaque or bacteria develops, it can eventually spread to the tooth root and gums, causing them to become inflamed and infected, resulting in gingivitis. If this gingivitis is not treated quickly then it can become full-blown periodontal disease – which is more commonly known as gum disease and is the number one leading cause of adult tooth loss. 

Invisalign is a contemporary form of cosmetic orthodontics which allows patients to comfortably and discretely shift crooked teeth into position, without needing any brackets, frames or wires to be attached inside a patient’s mouth. Rather than shifting teeth through fixed brackets, the Invisalign method consists wholly of a series of plastic dental retainers which are all custom made to perfectly fit over the wearer’s teeth. 

These retainers are all built from a specialised dental plastic material that is not only durable but also malleable enough not to cause any discomfort. The Invisalign method shifts out of place teeth by using carefully placed grooves, pressure points and ridges that are built within the structure of every Invisalign retainer. These grooves gently guide the teeth which the orthodontist has identified as being crooked or misshapen when the patient wears their retainer over their teeth. 

What are the advantages of Invisalign?

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As each Invisalign retainer is custom made to fit perfectly over the wearer’s teeth, and because they are all built entirely out of thin and transparent plastic when an Invisalign retainer is being worn it is almost completely impossible to detect. This feature of the Invisalign process has attracted countless patients to the process as they can undergo orthodontic work without alerting any unwanted attention. 

Similarly, as the Invisalign method is completely non-invasive and is not attached to the wearer’s mouth it allows for patients to choose when they carry out their treatment and when not to – such as opting to remove their retainers when posing for a picture, eating or going to an important event or occasions like an interview or social outing.