5 Home Improvements That Will Boost Your Equity

Boosting your home’s equity is all about giving prospective buyers what they want in a property. As culture shifts throughout time, the importance of certain design elements shifts as well.

If you’re looking to build your home’s equity through some small improvements, making your home more attractive to buyers is the ultimate goal. The secondary benefit is that you and your family will have a more copacetic living space to enjoy for as long as you choose.

Here is a quick look at some of the most targeted home improvement choices for boosting equity. Take a look, and start planning your next home improvement project today.

Landscaping is an appealing aspect

Equity respects the effect of curb appeal, and proper landscaping is the best way to boost your home’s curb appeal. Of course, the front of the house is what people will see first when they visit your home, so make sure everything looks perfect. This might mean that some people have to consider replacing their front door for a much newer one from a company like Doors Plus (find more about them here). That can instantly improve curb appeal, but it’s also important to invest in a healthy lawn and strategically plant some trees around the property. Trees offer valued shade from the sun, and they freshen the air around the perimeter.

Adding an outdoor area for retreat and/or entertaining is always a valuable perk to your home. You may want to install a nice wooden privacy fence to keep the world out. Homebuyers love to see that they can find respite in their own backyard.

Energy efficiency is all the rage

Modern home buyers are more and more concerned with energy efficiency. The urge is no longer centered around lowering costs, but rather more about reducing the carbon footprint of a home to preserve the environment.

The kitchen is a large source of energy consumption for a home. The best improvement you can make for your kitchen to boost equity is to install Energy Star efficient appliances. Your laundry room and HVAC unit are also areas of interest in terms of upgrading to energy-efficient machines. There are many companies such as AirMax who you can contact to talk through energy efficient systems and how to ensure a HVAC system is as eco friendly as it can be. Although not many people think about their HVAC systems, they really are essential to any home. To ensure they’re working efficiently, it’s often wise to visit a site like hearnph.com/hvac-services-in-geneva-oh/ and book in with a professional to service the HVAC system. This way, any homeowner can be sure their system is effective.

Low maintenance and durability

Anytime you’re looking to upgrade an element of your home, maintenance requirements and durability should be on your list of interests. If you’re looking to market your home to families in the future, durable materials are a key factor of interest.

Considering practical maintenance is key. This means ensuring your HVAC system works well, your plumbing is efficient and even your electrics are up to local code. Depending on where you live, there may also be other maintenance to consider. The radon levels in Colorado can vary so if you live there, get a radon inspection. If you live near the beach, have you go an adequate water defence in case of flooding?

When it comes to aesthetic maintenance, cork or hardwood flooring is excellent for longevity. Stone or cork countertops are also a great choice in terms of maintenance and durability.

Wide open spaces are key

One driving force for homebuyers today is an open floor plan. People like space, and anytime you can make your home look and feel more spacious, you’re boosting the appeal/value.

Finish up the attic, and create an extra bedroom/office. Knock out that unsightly wall, and create an clear sightline between your kitchen and living area.

Don’t forget the nooks and crannies

The crawl spaces, basement, and attic of your home are not to be forgotten. The bank and the buyer won’t neglect to inspect these spaces, and neither should you. Keep these areas in proper order and free of hazards to add an extra star to your appraisal.