5 Easy Ways To Escape Boredom

With so many things to do in the world, it’s amazing that anyone who isn’t just in basic survival mode is ever bored, but it’s sure that case where there are times when you’re going to say to yourself – ‘I wish there was something to do!’

We’ve all been there, and often what triggers that feeling is that we’re stuck in front of a screen – perhaps computer, television, or phone. So to get out of the boredom, you need to look for another easy category to open up your mind, like something on Pinterest, or dealing with photography, or perhaps getting an adult coloring book, or listening to an old radio show!

Head To Pinterest

In terms of choose-your-own-adventure style activities, it’s hard to beat Pinterest, where you can find easy things to do that are engaging, inexpensive, and curated by people who’ve been in the same boat as you. Search your general category of interest, find the level of difficult that you want, decipher what kind of budget you have, financially and with respect to time, and your options are endless.

Make a Photo Gallery

If you have a phone with a camera, that means that you can break off from whatever you’re doing and go play photographer for a minute. And once you have a few dozen shots of your favorite things, you can edit your photos on a number of different platforms, completely for free, and then upload your results to your favorite social media site. This is probably the easiest way to kick the doldrums – by simply being creative with the resources that you already have available, and then sharing your vision.

Adult Coloring Books

One unique hobby that many people are picking up both to get out of being bored, and to get into being mindful, is buying adult coloring books. The patterns are soothing, the pens, pencils and crayons that you can use are inexpensive but high-quality, and the act of coloring will put an overactive but dull brain to use.

Find Old Radio Shows

Listening to old radio shows is a favorite for many people to escape boredom as well. The voice actors, the scripts, and the necessity for imagination will quickly help you get rid of your lethargy and put your mind in a more active state, as well as throwing some nostalgia your way.

Avoid Watching Television

Television is one of the keepers of boredom that should generally be avoided. If you think about what you’re doing when you’re watching TV – sitting, staring, letting the box feel your emotions for you, then you understand the danger of just zoning out that way rather than being active. Instead, if you want to bring in a hint of nostalgia along with having something to kill your boredom, get on your computer and look for age-old gameboy games like Pac-Man or Space Invaders. These are widely available online in the form of roms that you can download, similar to this bobblerom for the game Bubble-Bobble.

It could be fun to set out on an adventure, battling monsters or evil spaceships and leveling up as you go along. While it’s true that spending too much time on your computer could lead to your boredom in the first place, video games such as these could have the reverse effect by taking you back to your childhood; after a while, you might find that your boredom has completely disappeared! By allowing your mind to be active and involving yourself in the game, you could actually find the long-lost joy that these arcade games would give you when you were younger.