4 Ways To Cut Back On Your Cell Phone Addiction

In this modern age, the cell phone has almost become like a third limb.  People have their hands, feet, and their phones seemed to be just as attached somehow.  It can become more than just a habit to constantly look at your phone.  It can become a full-fledged addiction.

The need for immediate responses and instant gratification has become more and more prominent in this digital age.  Forget about being able to go a few hours without reading your text messages or glancing to see if you have any notifications on social media.  When we are waiting for news on something whether it is to find out if we got the job we applied for or were approved for a loan, we want to know right away not later! The average person admits to checking their phone at least 6 times an hour.  This means you are spending an accumulated amount of time adding up to hours per day on your phone.

If your phone addiction has become a distraction from your personal relationships and productivity consider following these tips to cut back.

Consider Downgrading Your Phone

It is far less likely to spend the same amount of time on a slow and poorly manufactured phone without features as it is to spend time on a high-quality smartphone with hundreds of different applications and a beautiful retina display.

One of the most effective tricks for making yourself less tempted to pass the time on your phone is to downgrade.  You will find that it is extremely effective.

Only Check Your Phone Once an Hour

Try to set limits for yourself if you absolutely must check your phone throughout the day.  Rather than letting yourself check it whenever you want and having no self-discipline, try limiting yourself to once an hour.

In between that time you should put your phone where you can’t see it on silent.  This could be achieved by either putting it in a drawer or on a table in the other room. Out of sight out of mind!

Get Out Of The House More

One of the biggest contributing factors to people spending so much time on their phone is a lack of human connection. The more you make yourself go out into the real world and interact in the real world the less likely you will be to want to be on your phone.

By staying busy and keeping your schedule full of activities with real people you are limiting yourself from having digital connections instead.

Identify Your Triggers

Try to identify when you are most likely to want to look at your phone.  Do you find it is when you are bored? Or perhaps it is a procrastination tactic.  Whatever you identify, use that information as knowledge and change your habits.