4 Most Important Qualities in a Friend

They say that a true friend is one that you couldn’t imagine your life without. Someone who you connect with on many levels and feel a deep connection with that simply can’t be replaced. The older you get the harder it becomes to find connections like these, so when you do come across someone that you feel special kindred something with, you should treasure that friendship.

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Not sure what separates a special connection from an acquaintance? Here are the most important qualities that a friend should have.

They Support You In Hard Times

A true friend is one that will be there for you if you need them to support you through a difficult situation. This could be coming to your house if you are feeling sad, or running an errand for you without making you feel guilty about it.

Sometimes this support can also come in the form of helping you get out of a rough patch if you need to borrow money. Be cautious, however. Money can make or break a relationship if you don’t pay someone back. Be very careful when borrowing money from people you love. It isn’t worth losing a friendship over.

They Listen To You

A true friend is one that may not always necessarily agree with you or even like what you are saying, but they will sit there patiently and listen to you get everything off of your chest. Your friend respects you so much that even though they may not respect what you are saying, they respect you, therefore, will open their mind.

You should also do them the favor of listening to them in return. A friendship should be reciprocated rather than just taking and taking. If you live with the attitude of treating others like you would like to be treated you will preserve your relationships.

You Share The Same Interests

You know you’ve found a good friend when you enjoy the same things in life. Your special love for comic books just can’t be found in anyone else other than your good old BFF so you always call them when there is an expo to go to.

Liking the same things means having a common ground which is the basis for human connection.

You Laugh Together

They say that laughter is the best medicine. If you can find someone that laughs at your jokes and even better, make you laugh at their jokes then you have found a treasure worth its weight in gold.

Laughing with someone releases tension and makes people happy. Why wouldn’t you want to spend all of your time with someone that makes you happy? We don’t know why not either!