4 Tips For Looking Good In The Summer

Summer time is a time when everyone would like to look their best. Since the sun is out, more skin is exposed, and you frequently find yourself on the beach in a bathing suit, it’s an ideal time to make yourself look fabulous.

When the sunshine comes out it’s time to throw all of your winter coats in the closet and pull out the summer clothes. Here are some of the best tips for getting that summer look and pulling it off beautifully.

Lighten Your Hair

Since the mood of summer is light and breezy, your hair can fit the mood by having a lighter look. Consider lightening your hair to a few shades lighter, or even going completely blonde. If you do decide to go lighter, just make sure that you do it at a professional salon. Changing your look to a lighter one is something that will instantly give you a summer look.

Pulling out the bleach yourself and putting it on your locks without professional knowledge can lead to major damage and potentially disastrous color results. Often trying to bleach your hair yourself is a way to save a bit of money, however, you will find that you will end up spending more trying to fix your hair with a professional if you ruin it bleaching it at home.

If you absolutely must do it yourself try to opt for a gradual spray which is sun activated rather than a full-on bleach.

Bronze Your Skin

Summer is a time to have bronzed skin. However, it is ideal not to lay in the sun for too long of period. This can lead to major damage, and potentially skin cancer. Therefore, try buying some bronzer which will last on the skin for up to 10 days depending on the brand.

You will find that your skin will thank you for it at a later age. Going to tanning beds and laying in the sun for long periods of time ages the skin significantly, so be kind to yourself and go for a self-tanner!


It’s summer, and the piercing sunlight is bound to give your eyes a tough time. So, why not buy a new pair of glasses online or in a store and accessorize? You could actually find one that suits you well and accentuates your look. You could keep a cool head with the help of a cap, hat or even a headscarf that you prefer too. Complete your summer look with some fun bracelets, necklaces, and belts to give your outfit even more of a kick.

Wear Dresses

Dresses are light and breezy and a fun way to stay cool in the sun while also looking cute. Not only do they instantly give you a summer look but they are fairly low maintenance. All you have to do is wake up in the morning, throw on a dress, and run out the door.

Not to mention there are a wide variety of different kinds of dresses that you can go for. Maxi dresses are fun for the evening, while daytime dresses are usually better to keep the heat off of you.