Mapping Your Home To Your Cultural Roots

Your home is your castle. And it can represent an incredible amount about you. So not only do you have to consider the practical and logical aspects of living and moving through your daily life experiences, you have to consider what your home says, stylistically, about your character, history, and even viewpoints on life.

And if you want to map your house out to represent this, especially from an external perspective, then think about matters like additions and porches, decoration styles, historical nods in appearance, landscaping choices, and even color and theme developments of your household. All of these choices work together to form a whole concept about the owners and operators of a property.

Additions and Porches

Culturally, where do you stand when it comes to building a porch on your home? Are you from a culture of openness to the weather, to your neighbors, and to your community? Or are you more of the closed sort, where a porch is something private for your family, perhaps facing out back or even enclosed by some shrubbery? Choosing the right porch is a big decision when it comes to the framework of public vs. private areas, and the cost is large enough that you want to consider everything carefully.

The Decoration Styles

Seasonal decorations will tell people a whole lot about who you are as a family as well. One huge difference between specific cultures will come around Christmas time. So depending on what kind of winter seasonal decorations you put up, you’ll be advertising yourself as one type or another. This is not a bad or a good thing, it’s just something to be aware of, as other holidays will give other types of distinctions as well.

Historical Nods

And if you really want to present your cultural roots, look into the history of your family as well as culture. Family albums, framed Toledo Blade obituaries of significant members of the family, or beloved decorative or furniture pieces that have been passed down can make for interesting focal points in the home. The art history of various timeframes and geographical regions your family has been from can be borrowed too. Specifically, you can look at nods toward a certain generation, or a certain type of entertainment, and then figure out how to include that in your home’s presentation.

Landscaping Choices

Your landscaping choices can really show off things like Southern vs. Northern cultural ideas as well. Or domestic vs. foreign. Wrought-iron fencing in a certain style would be one example to think of. Have you ever seen people with beautiful mini-botanical gardens in their yards? Or noticed how some people plant flowers or vegetable gardens a certain way? It’s all part of the same basic planning process.

Color and Theme Developments

And perhaps broader than the specific plans about, you can always just pick color and theme developments for your home that show off who you are and where you came from as well. You can always tell which people are proud to have been born and raised in America, right – by all of those red, white, and blue decorations?