How To Socially Drink: A Guide To Safe Drinking

You can drink responsibly. Not all people that drink alcohol are addicted, or even abusing it. But you need to understand the fine line between these things as well. A night out with friends for a few drinks can easily turn into a binge drinking session.

It’s all about understanding what is what, and how much alcohol is OK for you, as an individual, to drink. Some people have far more of a tolerance than others. It’s also about obeying the laws, like not drinking then driving.

Symptoms Of An Alcohol Problem

One way to make sure you don’t have an alcohol problem is to actually know the signs and symptoms. Whether you are abusing the drug known as alcohol, or you’re a full blown addict, there are ways to tell.

For starters, you need alcohol, for whatever reason. Maybe you can’t get through a dinner with your in-laws without a few drinks. Maybe you can’t get on stage with your band if you haven’t had a few shots. These are signs of alcoholism, which also include drinking till you’re black out drunk, and the prevalence of alcohol having an effect on your job and relationships.

Are You Binge Drinking?

Even if you aren’t addicted to alcohol, and don’t feel like you need it to get through the day, you still could have an alcohol problem. If you are a woman that drinks four or more alcoholic beverage in about a two hour period, you are considered a binge drinker. For men, it’s five or more drinks.

Binge drinking to lead to blackouts, accidents, and even alcohol poisoning. It really impairs judgements, and after a binge drinking session you’re definitely beyond the drunk driving stages. You could end up dead if you’re a binge drinker.

Know The Legal Limits, And Your Own

However, some people have a higher tolerance than others for alcohol. Men usually can drink more than women, but some men can drink more than other men. It’s important to know your limits, when it comes to whether or not you’re going to cause any problems in your drunken state.

You should know your states legal limits before you think about getting behind the wheel. Even buzzed driving is drunk driving. If you get lightheaded after one beer, even if you’re not legally drunk, you shouldn’t get behind the wheel of a vehicle. The legal ramifications of drunk driving in certain states could lead to criminal charges and it is thus a given, that you might have to get in touch with a DWI attorney to get yourself out of this pickle!

You can be a responsible drinker, without abusing alcohol or becoming an addict. Know when to stop drinking, and know when to call a cab. You’ll not only save your own life, but that of others on the road with you. If you do find you have an alcohol problem, get help right away.