Why you should always replace missing teeth

Our teeth are a precious thing to us and they’re also the first thing a lot of people notice when they first meet us. Losing one or more teeth is a scary thing and a thing we all try to avoid at all costs. But what happens when we do lose them?

  1. Loss of confidence

As soon as we lose our teeth, even if it just one, our confidence immediately drops. We are left thinking, can they notice it? I bet I look horrible! It really isn’t a great feeling and can have an impact on our mental health and our social lives and work environment.

Besides this, tooth loss can cause the bone to deteriorate and muscles to droop over time. Replacing the missing tooth may help to keep the others in place, ensuring that your mouth remains healthy and your face does not change dramatically. If you have a missing tooth that needs to be replaced, your dentist (who you can find on websites like https://www.serenedentalcenter.com/services/) can help you decide which treatment could be best for you. The most important thing is to act quickly in order to keep your healthy, beautiful smile. The sooner you act, the sooner you’d be able to smile confidently again.

  1. It’s harder to eat

When there is a gap in our teeth, eating is much more difficult and can even by painful in some cases. The sensation is also much different to what you’ve been used to your entire lifetime, making it difficult to adjust causing anxiousness and worry.

  1. We age quicker

You may have heard about this one, or it may be news to your ears; tooth loss makes you age faster! This isn’t because of a loss of calcium or some other reason that causes our skin to look older but in fact due to the changes that happen to our jaw and eventually our face shape.

When we lose a tooth the force it was previously putting on a jaw stops. This causes our jaw bone to naturally recede. This then shortens our face and gives the illusion of an older face.

What are the options?

Dental Implants are the best way to replace missing teeth as they are inserted directly to the jaw bone so that the jaw doesn’t recede. They also last a very long time when looked after correctly and look like real teeth.

Book an appointment with a professional dentist now and see if you are eligible for dental implants.