Why Timber Ordering Speed is Important Enough for a Unique Ad

The team over at Timbersource pride themselves on their ‘while you wait’ collection service and next day delivery options. That sets them apart in the timber industry, and they felt strongly enough to produce a parkour-themed viral marketing video based around those quick turnaround times.

But that begs the question, just why is speed so important? Here’s why.

Get Working

If you get your timber faster, you get to start working faster. After all, this is a construction material, and time matters in the construction industry.  You don’t need your team waiting around for the materials to turn up. Instead, you need all your timber right away to reduce downtime and keep the project moving forward.

Fit More In

One of the problems with long lead times is an inability to keep work flowing. When you can’t get all the resources you need as quickly as you’d like, you can’t move to new projects as effectively. With timber arriving as and when you need it, you’re suddenly able to fit in more work, and that means more money.

Remain Flexible

Maybe you’ve already started work and you find out you need more of a certain timber, or perhaps you decide you’d like to switch the type of wood you’re using. Dealing with 4 to 5 week lead times would mean waiting 4 to 5 weeks to make the necessary changes. That can throw a sizeable spanner in the works of even the most minutely planned schedule.

Avoid Competition

Can you get your materials together faster than your competition? If so, you’re going to enjoy an immense head-start. Under the right circumstances, you’ll be able to start work faster, which is always going to be more attractive than starting later.

Feel Secure

Finally, it’s hard to beat the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can order more timber one day and have it with you the next. If you make a mistake, you’ll know that fresh supplies are but a phone call away.