Why do you need dental SEO?

Digital marketing is key to the success of your dental practice. Ranking high on Google Search results lists is essential in order to attract website traffic and quality leads. To help you do this, you need to speak to a digital dental marketing team that is experienced in developing and improving search engine optimisation or dental SEO for dental practices. Dental SEO uses a system of tactics that work together to optimise your website to help improve your ranking on search results lists for Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Ranking on search results lists

When a prospective patient searches for ‘dentist near me’, Google spiders crawl through the web pages that have good dental SEO and rank them in order of relevance. If your website is not in the top 5 search results, then you will lose that prospective patient to your competitors. The majority of internet users only take into consideration the top 5 websites on the search results list, some only consider the top 3. You can find out how you rank by typing ‘dentist near me’ in the Google search bar and looking for your website on the list. If you are on the first page then that is a good starting point; if you cannot be found on the first page then you need some professional help. Delegating your SEO campaign to a digital dental marketing team will help boost your rankings and in turn boost the success of your dental practice too.

Factors which affect your ranking

With the help of an award-winning digital dental marketing team, when a prospective patient searches for ‘dentist near me’, you want your website to be one of the first websites on the search results list. Dental SEO can help this become a reality. There are a range of techniques that make up a good dental SEO campaign, each designed to optimise your website, increase its visibility and its ranking from amongst the other competitors in the area. Your website is indexed by Google and analysed by algorithms which have ranking criteria to determine where your website is listed for a specific dental query. The more relevant and authoritative your website is considered to be, the higher you will be ranked on the results list.

Factors such as keywords, content marketing, user experience, backlinks and many other technical factors are taken into consideration, so that the searcher is directed to the website which has the best answer to the query. By taking into consideration all the above factors you can improve the ranking of your website and the website itself, ensuring that you are in keeping with current trends, educating your patients and engaging with them in an efficient manner so that they are encouraged to address their dental needs with you.

Speak to a specialist digital dental marketing team today and find out more about dental SEO and how it can help boost the success of your dental practice, so that very soon you can become one of the top dental practices in your area.