What makes a good marketing article?

When you are looking into a marketing strategy for your dental surgery, you will likely come across the prospect of needing to start and maintain a blog.

Once associated with people who want to tell their stories online, blog articles are now a central part of a marketing strategy, and if you want your dental surgery to succeed, you will need to start a blog on your dental surgery website page.

But what exactly do you need to put in a blog to make it ideal for marketing? Can you just talk about any part of dental care, or are there some rules that need to be followed to help with search engine optimisation? There are, and in this article, they will be discussed.


Firstly, your blog, as part of your dental SEO and marketing plan, will need to be focused on what it is that you and your team can offer to dental patients. Therefore, you can expect to be creating or seeing blogs created for you relating to things such as dental implants, endodontics and child dentistry.

But the blogs themselves will be focused on a certain word as well, such as FAQ sections, guides and introductory articles. This is not a coincidence, as most people looking for information about surgeries, such as dental implantation, will want to know the basics.


Next on the list is originality.

You absolutely cannot have dental articles or blog pieces that are plagiarised or copied from other websites. Not only will this be bad for the look of your website, as plagiarism never goes down well, but it will fail when it comes to search engine optimisation, as the Google bots rank websites that are unique higher than those that have plagiarised content. So, originality and uniqueness are keys to a successful blog piece.


You will need to also have backlinks to authoritative websites on the subject of dental care, and if you are based in the UK, this can be to the NHS or other organisations. Just make sure that the backlinks are not to competitor websites, as this will obviously lead those who are looking at your surgery page in the wrong direction. Backlinks are important for building the authority of your web page and will make your team appear as more of an expert group on the subject by the Google bots and algorithms.

Word count

Next, any blog piece that you create will need to have a word count of around 500 words. This is not a coincidence and is one of the core features of a successful blog article, as it is not too long and not too short. You don’t want articles that drag on and on, as these are not likely to be read by other Google bots or human visitors to your website.


And finally, all successful blogs in the world of marketing for dental surgery are broken down into subheadings so that, once again, Google bots can skim the article, as can the people who are reading it, to help them find exactly what they are looking for.