Want your surgeries site to bring in more patients? Tips for developing your dental website

It can be a bit of a puzzle when trying to build a successful website for your surgery and also see to the needs of patients.

Luckily, for your dental surgeries website to be successful, you won’t have to dedicate 2 hours at the end of each shift to updating content! Hiring a marketing team is now the accepted way to get your surgeries site to be successful and with the invaluable input of yourself and your team, your site can easily become the most valuable part of your surgery staying successful.

And when it comes to choosing a marketing team to help you do that, it is best to invest in a team with expertise in dental websites. As they will know what makes or breaks dental websites, they can build yours to be engaging and exciting, setting it apart from the crowd and building your brand name with thousands of dental patients. Fantastic!

But how else can a marketing team develop your website? Read on to find out!


When you hire a team to oversee your surgeries website, they will conduct an initial analysis. This will allow them to assess the design of your site, areas that need improvement and other areas such as loading time and mobile access.

This will help them to build your website based on user experience, putting your surgery in direct competition with other surgeries and their dental websites.

Develop it for SEO

Search engine optimization is key to having a successful website, especially when you are seeking to turn website visitors into real-life patients!

To get your website SEO ready, your marketing team will typically create a weekly blog full of original content, work on compressing the loading time of your home page and make your site accessible with mobile phones.

Of course, these are just the bare bones of SEO, but it is an important step in website development.


Following on from initial SEO, your marketing company will look to create articles or blog pieces which have links to your website. This will once again boost your websites ranking in Google searches as it will allow your site to appear more trustworthy.

Divided into onsite articles (ones which appear on your surgeries site), and offsite articles (those which do not but link back to your website), these blog pieces can build a web of connections, which will make your site easier to find by those all-important Google bots!

Social media

Article links are great but the real money (so to speak) is in linking a social media page to your homepage.

Thousands of people use social media each hour and so, by building an associated page for your surgery on social media, this is an easy but game-changing way to develop your surgeries website and your patient list. And of course, a social media presence will help with targeted advertising on a separate platform from Google, casting a wider net and attracting more people to your website. Fantastic!


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.